Wednesday , October 4 2023
Girlvania .2 review

Girlvania .2 Review

Girlvania .2 is absolutely awesome, in fact in my opinion at the moment it’s the best all girl game available. I loved the initial version of Girlvania but this blows that one out of the water.  Girlvania .2 (actually version 1.2) is only a mid version update, imagine what could happen by the time it is version 2. In terms of the graphics You will be hard pressed to find many games that can compare with it; except maybe the latest version of 3DXChat.

I am not going to review the whole thing again because in terms of functionality not much has changed; you can read the original review here to see what it’s all about.  Also check out the screenshots on the review and compare them with those from Girlvania .2.

The Girlvania .2 all girl adult game is so easy to use that you won’t have difficulties. If you already have the first version then great news, this is a free update! If you don’t have the first one then take a look for yourself.

Girlvania .2 includes light scattering through the skin, ambient occlusion shadows and enhanced textures; as a result all it means is that these girls are hot, look natural and have gorgeous lady bits.

Everything about Girlvania .2 is perfect, the eroticism, the facial expressions, the voices and their oh so hot bodies. In the very first version you had to train the girls, this has long since gone. You can choose the location and the time of day then select a pose and have fun with the girls.

Within the poses you will see a bunch of items under a heading that says new, clicking it shows each new item; the same is also true for clothing etc in the dresser. When the girls are performing, you can get them to perform elsewhere in the same location anywhere you point to with the mouse if the arrow goes green and says go.

In Girlvania .2, you can play alone, as a duo or as a threesome, the sex poses are incredible, whichever you choose. In addition you can download and keep Girlvania, no memberships and no need to be online to play.  There is also a legs and feet expansion pack that you can buy if girls doing things with their feet turn you on.

In any event, if you like lesbian sex, take a look at Girlvania .2 for yourself, I can’t fault it. From the erotic sex talk and seductive moaning to the beautiful boobies, soft round buns and anatomically perfect pussies, Girlvania .2 is altogether unbeatable.

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Girlvania .2 Review

Graphics - 100%
Value for Money - 100%
Sound - 100%
Repeat Play Value - 100%


The hottest girls and best graphics you'll find

The update to Girlvania is incredible, possibly the best update I have seen to a game. The girls have gone from beautiful to awesome and the level of realism has increased gazillions.

User Rating: 3.59 ( 5 votes)

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