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iStripper Video Preview

iStripper Video Preview

The iStripper video preview below is a presentation of some of the hottest American stars  stripping.  If you aren’t sure what iStripper is, it is a free strip game that gives you access to thousands of strip shows;  shows come in video qualities up to UHD 4K.  If you want to know more about it, you can read our iStripper review here.

Watch the iStripper video preview above and then download the free iStripper software.  You may be thinking that if it’s free it can’t be much good; there must be a catch, but there isn’t.  The free version will give you access to all of the non nude shows for nothing. Some of these shows are seriously sexy; although shorter than the full nude version they will definitely turn you on.  Some of the free shows still include partial nudity; more importantly they give you a taste of the women and whether you like them.

Since it’s launch in 1998 (as VirtuaGirl), iStripper has taken the world by storm.  With over 22 million users it must be doing something right.  I don’t buy all the shows that are available, and that’s it’s biggest strength; because iStripper is a free game you can watch all the girls non nude shows you want and only buy the full shows when you want to see more of them.

iStripper is a top quality game it is unbeatable in its niche because there really is no competition.  Most other games that include strippers do so within a game environment, or are 3D strippers; these are all good, but with iStripper you get the benefit of multiple strippers performing on your desktop in front of your other open applications.

The quality and simplicity of iStripper has to be seen to be appreciated which is why they give you the game for free; because if you try it you are quite likely going to buy some of their reasonably priced full shows.

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