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Love Chess Age of Egypt Review

Love Chess Age Of Egypt is a sex chess game was truly quite awesome about six or seven years ago when I did this review; I still cant find any better sex chess games however, even now.

The graphics are excellent and thought has been given to every aspect of this game. Love Chess Age Of Egypt is nothing short of perfection.

I’ll start with the board choices, they are quite simply stunning. You can choose between the Pharaohs Tomb and Anubis Temple, both are visually superb. The game pieces are excellent, the black side are men and the white side are the women.

The background music is good and is well suited to the theme of the game. The interface is easy and clean. In addition to the 3D sex chess board you have a 2D view which makes for easier selection of the pieces and squares to move to.

For those old enough to love and remember Battle Chess this is a “must buy” especially if you love sex; this add a new twist to the phrase “bashing the bishop”!

All options are selected and altered from the main menu, accessed from the button bar on the 2D board. You can play a single player game against the computer, or a two player game. The two player game can be played across a LAN or the internet. If you are playing across a LAN or the internet you can open a chat window which is a useful option.

The screen size, music, animations and languages can all be configured from the options menu; in addition you can switch between the easy and free camera movement. You can even opt to turn off the zoom, bit I would leave it on its worth it!

Once started you play chess in the normal way, if you don’t know the rules look them up; it is worth learning just so that you can enjoy this fantastic game. Taking your opponents has a quite different meaning in Love Chess, because that is exactly what happens! They are taken from behind, in front, on top in fact most conceivable positions.

The Love Chess animations are superb, entertaining and extremely absorbing. You will not be bothered about who’s turn it is;  especially when you are watching the blowing of the bishop or the queen having her pussy licked.

I suspect initially you will put yourself in positions where you are going to be taken just to see what happens. The great thing about this method of play is that you can use the button bar and undo the last move, so what have you got to lose!

You can switch  camera movement to free mode so that I could make the most of the movement capabilities. In free mode clicking the right mouse button and holding it down whilst you move the mouse allows you to move 360 degrees in any direction around the Love Chess adult game environment, you will be amazed at the attention to detail.

The cursor up and down cursor keys allow you to zoom in and out of the scene, and the right and left allow you to move in that direction. It won’t take long before you have got the hang of it and are checking it all out, even the fantastic starlit sky if you look up in the Anubis Temple.

If you love chess and are not a traditionalist then take a look at the Love Chess Age Of Egypt sex chess game, it is worth buying. If you are a traditionalist then take a look anyway as you might find you’ll like it.

Love Chess Age of Egypt, has gone, along with all other Artmunk Games and many other games too. peoples tastes have changed, there have been recessions a pandemic, and technology is now more advanced than before this has seen the end of an era with many companies closing their doors. If you would like to try something else instead, then visit Affect3D, they do loads of 3DX games and images, it might just be worth a look.

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Love Chess Review Overview

Graphics - 88%
Value for Money - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 92%


One of the only sex chess games around

There is no real competition to Love Chess Age Of Egypt, but that aside, the originality, superb graphics, stunning environments and absorbing gameplay make this one to play.

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