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Puppetmaster 2019 Collection

Puppetmaster 2019 Collection

Puppetmaster 2019 Collection is an exhaustive collection of Puppetmaster’s 3DX animations and games; this includes WEBGL versions playable in browsers on the PC or MAC and Android games. For me, the highlight of the collection are the first four episodes of the 3DX series Sensual Adventures.

The collection represents great value for money, you make a huge saving compared with individual prices. If you are a fan of futanari and you haven’t heard of Puppetmaster you could be in for a treat; the quality of both their games and animations is superb.

What is in the Puppetmaster 2019 Collection

The collection includes five 3DX games, four of which can be played using WebGL in a web browser.  All five include Android mobile games, plus there’s a VR android game too. Along with the other offerings there are a number of 3DX animations. So, what titles are included?

3DX Games

  • Sensual Adventure – The Game and the DLC (read more).
  • Brittany Home Alone – The Game, the DLC and the Android VR version (read more).

3DX Movies

  • Brittany’s Joy Ride.
  • Sensual Adventures Episodes 1 to 4
    1, The Reunion.
    2, The Confession.
    3, The Exhibition.
    4, The Expedition.
  • Puppetmaster’s ShortClips Volume 1.

Sensual Adventures episode 1: The Reunion

This is the first episode of the Sensual Adventures franchise and introduces you to Brittany and Trinity.

Brittany and Trinity used to date, and Trinity (the hot ex-girlfriend) misses Brittany.  Meanwhile, Brittany is in her own apartment enjoying her own company; but, startled by a noise in the living room she discovers Trinity lying on her couch! Trinity does have a proposal for her, which may be hard to ignore; find out more by reading the full review of Sensual Adventures episode 1: The Reunion.

Sensual Adventures episode 2: The Confession

The second episode in the continuing saga is Sensual Adventures episode 2, The Confession.  You will watch Brittany as she begins seducing Trinity, what better way to do it than by giving her head; if you like hardcore sex, you won’t be disappointed as there is plenty, however, there’s a lot of eroticism too. The story leaves you feeling aroused by its sensuality; it is more like new lovers than 1970s porn actors.

The conclusion to the episode sees the real reason for Trinity’s arrival at Brittany’s apartment being confessed. If you want to find out more read our full review of Sensual Adventures episode 2: The Confession.

Sensual Adventures episode 3: The Exhibition

At the start of the third episode of Sensual Adventures Brittany and Trinity break into the Cairo museum. Believing that a missing piece of an ancient Egyptian scroll is an encoded treasure map they break in to try to find the scroll.  Brittany is about to use her translation skills on the fragment but Trinity is horny; it seems Brittany is too and cannot say no.

After just two and a half minutes the sex starts and continues through the whole 3DX animation. There are a whole abundance of pretty hardcore futanari sex scenes in a multitude of positions; read the review of Sensual Adventures episode 3: The Exhibition for more detail.

Sensual Adventures episode 4: The Expedition

Sensual Adventures episode 4 starts in the desert; Brittany and Trinity are using their treasure map to look for the hidden Egyptian ruins.  After discovering the way into the ruins surprises lie ahead as they are transported by magic to a lost time in Egyptian history where they are the guardians of a beautiful princess who has an insatiable appetite for sex. The princess is not a futa, but  they obey every command to fulfil her desires; this episode concludes the current storyline.

There are around nine different sexual positions used in the story, some sensual and some explicit; there are some very sensuous kissing scenes too.  To find out more, read the review of Sensual Adventures episode 4: The Expedition.

All in all this is a very extensive collection, so if you are fan of futanari you will find plenty to enjoy.

If you like 3DX, Affect3D are one of the best providers around.  To take a look at the reviews we have done of some of their other products, including the games in the Puppetmaster 2019 colection, click on the Affect3D Tag.

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