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Mandy's Room Review

Mandy’s Room Review

Mandy’s Room is a pretty unique VR 3DX game available to buy from Nutaku.

If you have a VR headset, Mandy’s Room will be awesome, however, it is still pretty cool without one. Essentially 18 year old Mandy’s bedroom is the complete focus for the game.  It is simple, but entertaining for anybody with an imagination and a love of cute looking 3D girls.

Mandy’s Room should be thought of more as a visual novel because for the most part you are listening and responding to her thoughts.

More About Mandy’s Room

Mandy is a cute 18 year old college student who spends most of her free time in her room. Mandy is energetic and absolutely obsessed with getting naked, it’s her favourite thing, well, almost.  She has just purchased a tiny robot, you, that is supposed to be able to read minds and she’s very excited.

Her new robot, Mr. Jenkins, soon becomes her special companion and affectionately she calls him Mr. J.  With your role as Mr. J you really do not have to do much except answer her simple yes or no questions.

Without a VR headset, when asked, move your mouse vigorously up and down to indicate yes; to indicate no move it vigorously left to right.

Mandy’s Room is packed with wall art declaring how much she loves nudity and sex; also Mandy loves pink and likes to fool around in her room.  One of Mandy’s other big loves is masturbation.

Mandy is truly excited to have Mr. J in her life, especially when she realises you truly can read her thoughts.  As time goes by she gets naughtier and wants you to share he most intimate secrets; she also uses you to aid her with her masturbation. You and Mandy become better friends and soon you become an important part of her fantasies; her dreams include you made real.

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Final Thoughts About The Game

Mandy’s Room is a surprisingly erotic game.  It doesn’t involve too much interaction, however, a good imagination helps.  The graphics are very good and the voice for Mandy is appealing and pretty sexy.  I played the game in one sitting, but would be happy to go back and play it again.

Once you have played it through, you get access to the six masturbation or sexbot scenes from the game.  In addition there are special features to add value to the game; Mandy’s Dream sees Mr. J made real so that she dreams of actually having sex with you in various ways; and there’s a mini game too.

All in all at under $13 Mandy’s Room isn’t bad value for a 3DX VR game.

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Mandy's Room Review

Graphics - 88%
Value for Money - 92%
Sound - 92%
Repeat Play Value - 85%


Read Mandy's mind and help her masturbate

Mandy's Room is her sanctuary and you are her special robot friend because you can read her mind. Help Mandy masturbate as you become her special friend.

User Rating: 1.03 ( 1 votes)

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