Friday , December 3 2021
Photoshoot Free Adult Game

Photoshoot Free Adult Game

Photoshoot is a free adult flash game provided for your entertainment by Christie’s Room who  provides some of the best adult flash games available, all are original content and with the exception of the free games and previews, are solely available on their website.

Photoshoot sees you as a photographer and your task is to photograph the gorgeous big titted Christie … sounds easy enough, but it can be challenging.   You have to hover the mouse over various body parts until you find the hidden spots, then click on them.  You will be confronted with a screen that says “Photo Op … Click when ready …” once you click, you have to wait till the images are in focus then click to take the photo.

In actual fact I found that clicking as it was just coming in to focus did the trick, but practice makes perfect.  There are three hidden spots for each scene in Photoshoot, after you have found them all there is another hidden scene that lets you tease Christie, gradually getting her hornier and hornier as she removes more and more of her clothes.

I am not sure how long the game is but I was playing it for a while before I finally took too many bad photos, oh I forgot, you are allowed five bad photos in Photoshoot beyond that will mean that you have to start again.

If you like the Photoshoot adult game then visit Christie’s room where you will find over 170 other adult games, ongoing adult comic books and thousands of exclusive erotic and themed images.  If you would like to know a bit more about what a membership includes then read our Christie’s Room review.

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