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iStripper Special Event Cards

iStripper Special Event Cards

iStripper special event cards (SEC) are hard to get, so why do we keep trying? There is something nice about watching a show that you know is a little more exclusive; it’s like going to a club that is invite only, it’s better because it makes us feel special.

There are several iStripper special event cards to collect, so I expect that you won’t be able to get them all.  If you don’t know much about them, it isn’t surprising; unless you actively participate in forums or read the emails you receive thoroughly, you may miss them.  I have been a member with iStripper since 2007 and it wasn’t until recently that I found out about them.

The first SEC that I came across (pardon the pun) was Pussyum Extasia, featuring the beautiful Anastasiia; you can find out more about that and other cosplay shows in the iStripper Cosplay post.

When I am watching a show, I like to search for free background images that match the show; you will see what I mean from the screenshots of the special event cards below.  I think it makes the show even better when the girls seem to fit in with the backdrop.

Getting iStripper Special Event Cards

Currently, the best way to get the iStripper special event cards is by participating in the promotions.  Every now and again iStripper will run promotions where various games can win you an SEC or a Joker card; the Joker card is the best one to win, because it can be exchanged for any card, including the special event cards.

When playing games in the promotion you will earn experience points (XP). The more credits you spend on the games, the more your XP bar will fill up, when full, you can exchange it for the special event cards; the number of credits needed to fill the bar changes depending on the promotion, there isn’t a fixed amount. Remember, playing the games is fun, but it’s a gamble; the odds of winning will always be stacked against you.  If you don’t want to risk losing your credits, buy some of the other cards instead, there are some good shows to be had.

More About the Cards

To see what special event cards iStripper have available, go to the “Girls Store” and use the filters. Filter on the first dropdown item, “Selection”, click on it and select “Special Event Cards”. At the time of writing there are 29, you can see them in the screenshot below.

Unless you really must have all the cards available, or you don’t mind spending your credits on the games, look at what else is available for the same model; you may find some equally good shows for you to spend your credits on.

iStripper Special Event Cards

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Some of the Special Event Cards

Anastasiia in Pussyum Extasia

iStripper Cosplay Pussyum Extasia
Pussyum Extasia will appeal to fans of wizardry and the Harry Potter series. You do get to see 23 year old Anastasiia nude, but it is an erotic parody rather than an XXX production.  She has plenty of other shows, including Spotless Rapport which may also appeal to fans of cosplay.

Milena Ray in Je M’envoie En L’air

Milena Ray iStripper Special Event Card
Je M’envoie En L’air is a special event card for anyone who has fantasies of joining the mile high club.  Milena Ray will treat you to some sexually explicit inflight entertainment; so fasten your seat belts ladies and gentlemen, it could be quite a turbulent ride.

If you don’t have this card yet, take a look at 25 year old Milena Ray in one of her other shows such as Freshly Showered.

Little Caprice in Your Little Angel

iStripper Little Caprice in Miss'chievious
Your Little Angel is for all Little Caprice lovers, she is, as always, incredibly sexy. Little Caprice will tease you with her sexually explicit show, is she your little angel, or is she the devil in disguise.

If you haven’t got this card yet, then treat yourself to another show from 33 year old Little Caprice, Miss’chievious is worth a look.

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