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Pizza Boy Giorgio Review

Pizza Boy Giorgio was the 8th edition of the popular Pocket Date Boy gay game.  With each edition we saw changes; in some instances small and seemingly insignificant and in others they were been more in depth.  In the case of Pizza Boy Giorgio, we saw almost a total re-write. However, the company no longer exists, so you may need to look elsewhere. Read the 3D GayVilla 2 Review to see an alternative game.

Pocket Date Boy gay games come in two styles, the standard edition and the premium edition; Pizza Boy Giorgio falls into the latter of these styles.

If you like gay adult games then Pizza Boy Giorgio is likely to be right up your street!  Giorgio is a handsome and buff 25 year old Italian American guy working in a late night pizza joint. You have just moved in to the neighbourhood and taken a fancy for Giorgio; you saw him one night when you went to get a pizza and he recommended his special.

With the previous editions of this gay game you have had to move in a linear style; straight from first to second to third base, this is now changed.  With Pizza Boy Giorgio you now have to build up a relationship with him over a period of time using the game’s day time feature.  This new feature means that it is a more natural way to play.

Another thing fans of the Pocket Date Boy games will notice is that edition 8 has improved graphics and animation and has been revamped through all the bases, with 1st and 2nd base being almost completely re-written to improve the gameplay experience.

There are now nine storylines instead of the three that have been in previous editions of the game and that will definitely appeal to those of you who want to play it over and over because you will not get bored with the story too quickly.  I must confess that I have not been through all the storylines so cannot comment on how good they all are.

Pizza Boy Giorgio comes with a full game manual free of charge.  If you want cut straight to third base you can buy the cheat sheet, if you have previous cheat sheets that you have bought it may be worth trying them first as some of the cheats are likely to be the same.  If not, or if they don’t work, then buying a new one will only cost you a dollar.

A really important feature addition is that of keyboard controls as it means that you have a free right hand for whatever reason you may need it. Also there is now a big orange button that you can click when you are ready to cum. The only improvement here would be the use of the enter key (or spacebar perhaps) to operate the cum button.

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Pizza Boy Giorgio Review Overview

Value for money - 100%
Graphics - 100%
Sound - 100%
Playability - 100%


Pizza Boy Giorgio is very buff

This is the best gay game so far from Pocket Date Boy. Now with better graphics, better explicit animation and better gameplay.

User Rating: 3.47 ( 3 votes)

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