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Saboom Review

Saboom is a collection of interactive sex games that are simple, but are most definitely effective when it comes to turning you on.

Forget the 3DX virtual sex games, because Saboom is not competing with them. Instead, Saboom is aimed at those adults who like real porn but would like to take control of how it plays out.

Would you like a blowjob before being ridden hard? Perhaps you would like to lick a hot woman before she gives you a handjob? Maybe sex in multiple positions before you cum in her face! When it comes to sex, whatever the order you like things to happen, Saboom will let you do it.

Saboom is HD porn split in such a way that you get choices.  You can sit and watch what happens or select one of any of the scenes to watch whenever you want to; alternatively you can choose what you want to see next whilst a scene is playing out. If you have a particular fantasy then Saboom may have you covered; as the interactive sex games are split across a multitude of categories.  This is pretty cool, but nowhere near as good as Life Selector which is much better in my opinion; read the Life Selector review to find out more.

If you want more control, you’ve got it because Saboom comes complete with a porn director; this allows you to create (and save) playlists so that you can play the same movie in literally hundreds of ways, all limited only by your personal tastes.

You can select the shows you want to play by category or even by the star within it. You can choose by male or female stars depending on your taste. Many of the female stars also are available for you to chat with on live cam. Watch some of their shows to get yourself horny, buy some credits and then join the chat; the cost of the credits for Live Chat are extra to the cost of your membership.

There are not always a lot of girls available to chat with at any one time and they do not all speak English (many are German so if you speak it you will be OK), some are bilingual. When you do get started be polite but don’t blow too much time on pleasantries as your credits will tick away before you get to see them do anything horny. I spent some enjoyable minutes with Mischel Russo and Stacy Silver and watched Daphne performing for somebody else; all for the purpose of bringing you a review of course. I know, it’s a hard job, but somebody has to do it.

In addition to the interactive sex games and live chat, there are hundreds of free HD porn movies that you can watch, all are included in the price of the Saboom membership.

Play interactive sex games at Saboom

Saboom Review Overview

Quality of Content - 90%
Value For Money - 80%
Repeat Play Value - 85%
Web Chat - 80%


Quality Interactive Sex Games

Saboom is a very well executed and surprisingly hot interactive sex game site that gives added value in the form of quality HD porn videos as a bonus. You can also web chat with some of the hot Saboom girls (at an extra cost). A better choice in my opinion however is Life Selector.

User Rating: 2.58 ( 2 votes)

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