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SinVR Review

SinVR review

SinVR is a pretty unique take on a virtual reality sex game.  When there are already adult games like 3D SexVilla, and VR sex games like 3DXChat, how do you add something new to the mix?

Well, SinVR have found a way, they have created a VR sex game with a twist.  Some of the characters are parodies, such as the Dragon Milf (Game of Thrones) or Jessica Alley (Roger Rabbit); others are freakish such as Alana Quinn or Nurse Lavana and there are those which satisfy various fantasies.

Each character comes with her own scene, this is the environment to which they are best suited;  however, all girls and scenes are interchangeable so you can play any girl in any scene, this is a really nice touch.

The graphics are great and there is a good amount of humour in the dialogue. All the characters and scenes are very well suited and some are quite dark in content.

Playing SinVR

There is essentially support for three ways of playing SinVR.  Firstly, if you don’t have a virtual reality headset, you can play it as a PC game; it is easy to move around this way and you can still experience it in POV.

One downside when playing it as a PC game is that because it is essentially a VR game the male character in some of the scenes doesn’t have a face; this doesn’t cause any major disappointments but it is a little strange if you pan around too much.  It would seem that all new scenes will have faces; currently this includes the Shooting Range and Penistentiary scenes. Another scene where the character has a face is the new Halloween 2018 scene Dia de Muertos starring Calavera Catrino.

Moving around the scene is easy as everything is done pretty much with the mouse or arrow keys. A nice addition would be a hot key to allow you to clear the screen of any menus and options; this would leave an unfettered view of the sex scene; maybe it’s something that can be added.

If you have an Oculus Rift, or an HTC Vive then you can play it as it was intended, a VR sex game.  Playing it as a VR adult game will give you the best experience but is not necessary to enjoy it.

The final way is to play it as a VR sex game on your mobile; this is achieved by using a Google cardboard VR headset or a mobile VR headset.  Mobile phones offer a great way to experience the VR on the cheap but the app doesn’t have as many girls or scenes; also it can be slower to load.  It comes as a separate Android apk file, so good if you are looking for mobile games; bear in mind it is only available in VR on the mobile game.  I used a Destek v4 mobile VR headset with an HTC 10 and all worked well.

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Playing SinVR for Free

SinVR is a free VR sex game, however if you want to play for free you will be limited to one scene; in the mobile VR game it is the hotel bedroom, on the PC it is the Rodeo Show.  This is a good way to try it to see if you like it though.

Once you have decided you like it there are two ways to get more out of the game.  Firstly you could become a member for either one month, six months or a year; joining for a year is the cheapest method as you save 50% on the monthly cost.  The benefit of being a member is that you can access all the girls and all the scenes and see which ones you like; also, some girls are only available to members.

The other way to play is to pay for just the girls you want on an ad hoc basis; you can buy them individually or in themed packs.  Once you have bought them they will be yours to keep and play with forever and will include free updates and support.

Summing up SinVR

SinVR is a pretty cool VR and PC game, it has good graphics and is refreshingly original.  Many of the scenes are extremely unique and it is also nice to have a humorous dialogue that goes beyond “oohhh ahhhh, that’s so big”. If you are looking for a new free sex game or adult mobile game to try then visit the SinVR website below.

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SinVR Review Overview

Graphics - 88%
Value for Money - 89%
Sound - 92%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


A Truly Original VR Sex Game

It's refreshing to get an adult game that adds something new to the mix. SinVR is that game, and what's more you can play it for free.

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User Rating: 3.45 ( 1 votes)

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