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Velvet Express Review

On the initial startup screen you can board the Velvet Express adult game or adjust the game’s settings. The settings are a good place to start; click the mouse on each setting to toggle through the options. Choose between screen size, windowed, effects and music volume and recording buffer. I started on the biggest screen size and ran it full screen to make the most of the sex game’s excellent graphics.

Upon boarding the Velvet Express adult game you are confronted with a railway carriage. The carriage is white and has three naked men sitting in it; the three men are your choice of male characters. Hover the mouse over one of them and click to select the character you wish to use.

Velvet Express is set on a train in the 1930s amidst the opulence and romance that you would imagine of this era. The background music in the game is in keeping with the theme, serene yet dramatic. You have to move your selected character through the railway carriages stopping for sex where possible.

To move your character through the sex game you use the W, A, S and D keys, this seems a little fiddly to start with but you soon get the hang of it. Walk along the blue carpet to move though the carriages, you have to be pointing directly forward and in the middle of the carpet in order to walk through the doors at the end of each one.

When you find a woman (every second carriage) you can approach her for sex and this is where the fun starts! As you approach her the animation bar at the bottom of the screen will change to show sexual positions, move your mouse either end of the bar to scroll in that direction and then select the position you want to use.

The animation starts very quickly and the Velvet Express adult game has an amazing amount of sexual positions to choose from nearly 60, there is much more diversity in this area of the sex game than most others that I have reviewed. Whether you want a blowjob, cunnilingus, ass fucking, missionary, something kinky or a whole host of other sex positions you won’t be disappointed.

The graphics are excellent, whilst I have seen better in some Other Adult Games these do not disappoint, they are very realistic and highly erotic. They do suffer a bit from collision damage (where the graphics seem to merge) on occasion, this is however not too much of a distraction and is not unique to adult sex games.

Whilst having sex, the W,A,S and D keys control the camera, and you rhythmically use the CTRL key to change the speed of and control the sex. All the while there is some fairly realistic moaning and groaning going onto fire up your passions and get your pants expanding or your juices flowing.

You can zoom in on the sex action using the scroll wheel of the mouse, and if you right click and hold the mouse button whilst moving the mouse you can rotate around the screen 360 degrees which is similar to most adult games around. You can even record the action to make your own movies by pressing the R key during the sex action.

The Velvet Express sex game has 8 carriages in all, every other one has a different girl passenger in that you can have sex with, all are themed differently which adds diversity to the game. There is a fetish room in the sixth carriage where you can have sex with either the dominatrix or a blow up doll.

All in all, the Velvet Express is a fantastic sex game, the huge diversity of sexual positions, the originality of the gameplay and the quality of the sex action definitely make this one adult game that is worth a look.

Velvet Express, along with many other games is now no more. Various recessions, pandemics, and the advancement of technology have seen the end of an era. If you would like to try something else instead, then read the 3D Sex Villa review, it might be worth a look.

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Velvet Express Review Overview

Graphics - 85%
Value for Money - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 85%


Train journeys have never been such fun

Velvet Express is a unique virtual sex game that lets you experience depravity on board a 1930s train. Good moody music and good graphics combined with a wide variety of sex positions

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