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SexSim Review

Although the review below will remain, the game is now gone, its closest alternative is 3D Sex Villa 2.

Ripened Peach, the authors and developers of the fantastic Cherry Dolls adult game have done it again, and this time it’s free! SexSim is the latest sex game to be released by Ripened Peach. Released for over a year now, it was originally a year in the making and since then has grown hugely in popularity thanks to the quality of the 3D and the inventiveness of Ripened peach.

The concept is simple, you sign up for an account, download the free SexSim adult game and play it. It is a fantastic game, even as the free version but it can be improved. Add-ons are available for you to buy to enhance the game. Accessing the add-ons id a breeze, click on the “GET ADD-ONS” option top right of the menu screen and you will be taken to the add-on shop online from here you can buy peach points or get the customizations.

There are some excellent add-ons and new characters. These include a hunky surfer dude “Jett”, a beautiful blonde “Joanne” and a stunning Spanish babe “Elissa”. In addition you can now get exclusive characters and add-ons from the partnership formed with Babesoul.

I originally downloaded the game along with the Girl-Girl pack 1, the Sex Variety Pack 1 and an additional (and very hot) girl Ulani (although there are many others to choose from), I was not disappointed. As with Cherry Dolls the focus here is on quality and simplicity, but with the SexSim game the action is only a few seconds away. I now have all the add-ons and they are pretty excellent.

The first time you play it is a simple 6 step process:

1.Select a girl
2.Select a partner
3.Select a clothing choice (or nude)
4.Select Extras
5.Select a location
6.Hit “GO”

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the fast track route to sexual enlightenment above; you also have the ability to shape your hotties tits just the way you like them. Change their hair style or pick a pubic hair style and colour that makes you grow in all the right places. If you are a silver surfer then you can even pick grey (silver) pubic hair. These options are additional add-ons that you need to buy but they are well worth adding.

Breast customization is cool, there are 12 pre-sets to make your life easy; alternatively you can have total control over the length width and height of you girls titties. You even can control a flop value and just with real life, the higher the flop the less great the clothing may look when it is on!

There are dozens of pubic hair styles to choose from including bald or super bushy for the natural look.

If you are happy with the settings next time just hit GO. The game screen presents you with your chosen girl waiting for sex, and a number of on screen options. I am not going to discuss all these, just hit the question mark for all the help you need.

One option you need to know about is the “Positions” option. Click it to toggle a menu of sex positions, select a position and off they go. There is a great selection of sex positions here and they are extremely realistic. I think the sound effects are very erotic as the couple builds their sex to a climax.

Movement around the screen is quick and easy. The right button when clicked allows you to rotate 360 degrees around the screen and the scroll wheel zooms in on the action; and I mean right in, without any loss of quality.

The graphics are out of this world, incredibly realistic, possibly even better than Cherry Dolls, and that takes some doing. I wish I could play devil’s advocate and say what I didn’t like about it, but I can’t because I like it all. What’s not to like, it comes from possibly one of the best adult game developers around, it’s free and the action is sizzling.

There are some fantastic new things happening with the SexSim free sex game. Not least is the view control that gives camera angles which allow you to get a a first person point of view (FPPOV) when you are sucking cock, eating pussy or anything else that you care to do from any characters perspective.

The Add-on collections are growing rapidly and now includes some excellent options. There is the fantastic Oral addictions for lovers of Oral Sex. Also there are some new and really hot girls to fuck; I love Tiffany and the amazing tattooed big boobed Kendra. There are a huge array of new outfits and free outfits too in the “User Creations section of the free forum. The best way to see the customizations available is to download the game and take a look for yourself. You can now also select from a huge amount of shoes, perfect for foot fetishes!

The locations are limited to 2 which is a little disappointing however they are great locations that include Sunset Beach which is an atmospheric secluded beach, for crazy outdoor loving, every mans’ dream (or is it just me)! A bundle of extra additions and optimisations mean that the latest version of the free SexSim game is a real must get adult game.

Ultimately, SexSim is a superb adult game which is a real turn on, whatever your sex. It has unbeatable graphics, quality sound effects and a zoom that lets you get so close that you can almost taste the action!

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SexSim Review Overview

Graphics - 90%
Value for Money - 95%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


One of the best free 3d sex games around

SexSim is a free 3D Sex game that competes with many of the best adult games around. A large amount of customisable options are available at your finger tips and the virtual girls are hot.

User Rating: 4.53 ( 2 votes)

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