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VirtualFem Alektra Blue Review

VirtualFem Alektra Blue Review

VirtualFem Alektra Blue is the virtual girlfriend for October.   I always review each VirtualFem girl for you and some are better than others; however don’t forget, as a member of VirtualFem you have access to all both past and present.  If you would like to read more about the features of VirtualFem, then read the VirtualFem Review.

VirtualFem Alektra Blue is a 33 years old MILF, a brunette with green eyes and she has size 34C tits; all this means is that she looks good naked.   As far as VirtualFem girls go, she’s not bad, but there are better, you may prefer girls like Sasha Grey.  Either way as I said previously it doesn’t matter because you can download every single one.

Some of the things that VirtualFem Alektra Blue enjoys, may light your candle. She does appreciate a good bit of anal sex, so if you like to enter via the back door she’s your girl.  Also she loves performing in the car, enjoys oral sex and likes playing with her girlfriends.

Alektra even shares one of them with you so you get to have double blowjobs and sex with her friend.

I did feel that whilst she is definitely sexy and I enjoyed playing with her, there were better girls recently.  She does like to talk dirty, which is always appealing.

As with all of the VirtualFem girls of the last couple of years (or maybe more), you can downloaded Alektra in HD as well as SD;  you will appreciate this if you have limited connection speeds or download limits.

To make the most of your membership with VirtualFem, download as many girls as you like the look of; you can keep all the girls you download even if you leave.

You can look at the screenshots below, this month I have included mainly chat box conversation; see how you can ask for what you want to see and usually you’ll get it (however not all girls do all the same things).

New VirtualFem girls come out every month so if you like what you see, joining for a year will save you around 60% over the cost of paying monthly.

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VirtualFem Alektra Blue Review Overview

Sexiness of virtual Girl - 85%
Range of sexual positions - 88%
Quality of sex talk - 80%
Number of locations - 80%


Anal sex loving MILF

Alektra Blue likes anal sex, oral sex and all other types of sex. She enjoys putting on a show for you with her girlfriends, and sharing you with some of them.

User Rating: 3.5 ( 254 votes)

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