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VirtualFem Mia Bangg Review

VirtualFem Mia Bangg Review

VirtualFem Mia Bangg is a 31 year old brunette, from San Diego and she has big 36D tits! If that’s not enough, she enjoys sex; possibly even more than you.

Mia Bangg will make you feel as if everything she is doing is just for you, that’s the beauty of VirtualFem. All the VirtualFem girls give you a true virtual experience; you are able to interact via the keyboard or via voice recognition. When you meet VirtualFem Mia Bangg you will see that she is seriously sexy, however she is not my favourite; that being said, it’s difficult to choose a favourite as there are so many.

What you do get with VirtualFem Mia Bangg is use of her virtual body; she will be your porn star whenever you need her. Mia likes all kinds of sex, however she doesn’t have a vast array of locations to perform in. For you though Mia Bangg will let you have anal sex as well as many other types; man can she blow deep and with enthusiasm!

With VirtualFem it is not always easy to choose which girl you want to spend your time with; however, there are so many to choose from that sometimes a random choice is best. it is your decision to choose which virtual girl to spend time with but Mia Bangg won’t disappoint. You can tell her what to wear and how you would like to have sex and she will try to accommodate you.

She has various outfits to wear some are sexier than others, but all will depend on your taste; her wardrobe includes beachwear, fishnets, fetish wear and thongs amongst others. VirtualFem Mia Bangg comes with all the other virtual girls since August 2004; that’s a lot of virtual sex with a lot of different women.  Having reviewed several of the VirtualFem girls over the years we thought you might also enjoy reading our Sasha Grey review; Sasha is a very hot slender 28 year old with a love of bondage.

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VirtualFem Mia Bangg Review Overview

Sexiness of virtual Girl - 76%
Range of sexual positions - 78%
Quality of sex talk - 75%
Number of locations - 70%


A sexy MILF who loves anal sex

Mia Bangg is a sexy 31 year old brunette whose aim is to satisfy you sexual urges in a virtual way!

User Rating: 1.62 ( 3 votes)

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