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VirtualFem Sasha Knox Review

VirtualFem Sasha Knox Review

VirtualFem Sasha Knox is petite and sexy with blonde hair, if you really care what colour her hair is.   If you like a bit of outdoor sex then she will be a woman you’ll want to meet.  She is 31 years old and will dress in a number of different outfits to turn you on.

You can pick her up in a bar, and then she’ll let you get her panties off in the car.  If you want to she’ll then let you do all sorts of things to her in the barn and perhaps later you may want to rub suntan lotion into her tight body whilst she sunbathes by the pool.

As far as variety of sexual positions and locations go I guess she is more limited than sum VirtualFem girls, but she makes up for it in cuteness and she does like you to take control and she loves talking dirty.  The VirtualFem adult game has been going since 2004 and in that time there has been a different girl every single month for you to have virtual sex with.  VirtualFem Sasha Knox is sexy, but there have been sexier virtual girls, and the best thing is that when you join you can download every single one of them, that’s a lot of virtual bang for your bucks!

All the VirtualFem girls that you download are yours to keep, so even if you join for a month, download them all and then cancel, the girls and the sex game will continue to function.  If you decide to remain a member then you’ll get a new girl every month; you can find out more in the VirtualFem review.

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VirtualFem Sasha Knox Review Overview

Sexiness of virtual Girl - 90%
Range of sexual positions - 78%
Quality of sex talk - 83%
Number of locations - 82%


Sexy Blonde MILF

VirtualFem Sasha Knox is a sexy and cute 31 year old blonde who will rock your virtual world as she teases you and pleases you

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