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Virtual Strippers

VR Strippers

VR strippers can be very arousing, pretty much like actual strippers; one big difference, beyond of course the obvious, is that they are much cheaper.

Virtual Reality Strippers provided by iStripper are growing in number and are as close as you can get to the real thing; you get a strip show in a private room, this time though it’s virtual.

iStripper is more than just VR though, they have been providing desktop strippers since 1998 and there are none that can compete. iStripper provide you with free software and free strip shows (find out more here); the free shows will still tease you, and are mostly SFW (safe for work) most previews have titillation, but no nudity.  In addition, iStripper now has a version for your mobile devices, so you can have sexy strippers in your pocket at any time; read our iStripper Mobile review for more information.

If you like the model, you can upgrade to the full show for less than $5 for a single show, much less if you buy multiple credits; full shows usually last around 30 minutes or more.

VR Strippers

Not happy with providing just desktop strippers, iStripper wanted to venture into the world of virtual reality; you can find out more by reading our iStripper VR review. In around a year and a half the VR offerings have gone from four iStripper VR shows to just under forty, with more being added all the while.  The virtual reality shows can be watched on top VR headsets down to Google Cardboard and other mobile phone VR headsets.

If you have never watched any VR strip shows then you are in for a nice surprise. I watched some of the shows, and I only have a mobile phone headset, they were still pretty cool; I would imagine with a full VR headset that the quality would be amazing.iStripper VR

Desktop Strippers on your PC or MAC

For over 20 years iStripper (formerly Virtuagirl) has been titillating us with some of the hottest models around; the exotic dancers come from the US and Europe and perform for you directly on your desktop.  Now with nearly 700 models and over 4,300 individual shows, there’s so much choice.

Things have changed a lot in 20 years; virtual strippers used to be very small and relatively basic by to day’s standards. Now, all iStripper shows are filmed in UHD 4K and available in different resolutions.  If you would like to find out more about iStripper you can always read our iStripper review

You can have up to 10 strippers on your desktop at any one time, you can even move them around; have them stripping on your taskbar, your Word documents, and any other open window.

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