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VRCosplayX Review

VRCosplayX Review

VRCosplayX is a collection of top quality VR Porn parody movies; if you like virtual reality and cosplay you should definitely take a look.

We hear about virtual reality more and more each day, and VR Porn is no different. As virtual reality headsets get cheaper, and mobile headsets get better, so the quantity of VR porn available increases.

VRCosplayX is brought to you by the same company that created the award winning BadoinkVR. As producers of high quality VR porn, they try to engage you with erotic and entertaining story lines.  If you decide to join, you’ll be able to experience the hottest stars in a diverse collection of porn parodies; there are some really good ones, and of course some not so good ones.

Members can also join the community; this is useful as amongst other things, you will be able to give your suggestions for future cosplay porn videos that you’d like to see.

Getting Started with VRCosplayX

If, like me, you do not own a top end VR headset, it doesn’t matter.  The way to start is to get yourself a mobile VR headset and download a VR app to your phone.  Next, become a member of VRCosplayX; you can get a trial membership for $1 which will let you try it for a day. Alternatively you can get 47% off a month’s membership using this link; you won’t get the $1 trial from this link but you will have to click on the button still.

I got myself a mobile VR headset; the one I chose was a Destek v4, not bad, it has eye adjustments perfect if you wear glasses. I tried several apps, the one I liked the best was GizmoVR; mainly so I could fast forward, rewind or jump through videos if required. I then logged into my VRCosplayX account and downloaded some HQ mobile VR movies.

VRCosplayX Porn Parodies

There is a good, and growing, selection of  VR porn parody movies to choose from. As a member you won’t find too much trouble getting yourself immersed in the stories.  At the time of writing top titles include Harry Pudder and Game of thrones with dozens more; and a new VR Porn parody movie added to VRCosplayX weekly.

With my downloaded VR cosplay video loaded into my headset, I settled down to watch the movie. The first I chose was Harry Pudder; I was really impressed with the quality, especially on a mobile VR headset; it imagine it must have been better still on a high end virtual reality headset like the Oculus.

The difference between watching VR porn and traditional porn is immersion.  With the VR movie you really felt like a participant, especially when the star was right in your face; with traditional porn you are more of a voyeur than a participant.  Even POV porn is nowhere near as good as VR porn; that being said it’s a long way to go before normal adult movies go the way of the dinosaur.

You probably won’t like every title on VRCosplayX, neither will you like every porn star; you will like enough of them to make the membership worthwhile and with a $1 trial, what have you got to lose.

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VRCosplayX Review Overview

Value for money - 90%
Variety of Videos - 92%
Quality of Movies - 90%
Viewing Enjoyment - 98%


VR Porn for lovers of Cosplay

VRCosplayX gives you a new virtual reality cosplay movie to watch weekly, and already has a load. There is a large existing catalogue of high quality VR porn parody movies.

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