Wednesday , December 6 2023
High School Yearbook

Your High School Yearbook

Your High School Yearbook is a new fantasy for you to play at Life Selector.  In case you are not already aware, Life Selector is an incredible virtual sex game; it has hundreds of fantasy scenarios which you choose how to play.  You might also like to look at our post on Sorority Secrets a college based show.

In Your High School Yearbook you play the part of a funny but undesirable fat kid.  Unhappy with your image, you turned your life around and became the hot guy.  You were so hot however that you couldn’t keep the teachers or the students away; Your High School Yearbook is your memories of these events.

You seduced your way through graduation year; the biology teacher, the cool chicks, the shy girls and the virgins all became part of your memories. So did the Lincoln sisters!

You can play the game for free but you will need to buy credits to progress through the more hardcore (and best) scenes.  You choose how you want to play, who you want to play with and what extras you want to happen.

Will you want to remember your time with the exchange student Charity Crawford? Perhaps you want to recall the adventures with your strict step sister; or maybe how you got the hot silent girl to talk.

Each of your memories will include the hardcore sex that you had with your conquests; whether it be anal sex, cowgirl sex, your favourite blowjob, cum swallowing or something else is up to you.

As you might expect, your high school yearbook is divided into different chapters; each chapter includes some very hot and very different memories.  However you decide to recall these memories and in whatever order is up to you.  Don’t forget however that it is free for you to play so that you can see if you like it.

Use the link below to take you directly to the game where you’ll be able to play it for free or watch a free hardcore trailer of the game.

Play Your High School Yearbook for free

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