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3D Girlfriends Review

3D Girlfriends Review

3D Girlfriends was a site aimed at giving you the experience of virtual girlfriends. It did this using 3D graphics including adult images, movies and adult comics. You could store favourites on the home page and you would be shown your most visited areas of the site too. The site however is now dead and buried as many Adobe Flash sites now are.

There are no real direct alternatives I can suggest, but you could take a look at 3D Sex Villa 2 as this will give you 3D virtual girls. Additionally you could try 3DXChat, it is an Adult MMOG, but it can be played in single player mode and it is at a great price at the moment.

3D Pin-ups

The 3D pin-ups section consists solely of high quality 3D adult images of extremely sexy girlfriends doing what pin-ups do best, posing. Some of these are hardcore with partners, some are hentai girlfriends also there are some set in space. There are thousands of images across hundreds of galleries all featuring hot women.

3D Series

The 3D Series offer extreme 3D adult images of the highest quality; for those who love the hardcore side of the 3D world then this is for you. You will find 1000’s of hardcore images in dozens of 3D galleries.

Within this section Interracial sex, transsexuals, hentai, anal sex and more besides is covered, so take your time to browse.

3D Comics

There are also some amazing adult comics for you to spend your time reading with hours off reading time. Some of the story lines are more extreme than others, but there are plenty for you to enjoy.

The adult comics don’t have to be read online online either. You can download the comics that you want as a zip file to enjoy offline in your own time; additionally they are free for you to keep and re-read whenever you want.

3D Movies

In this section you will find some unique and top quality 3D adult movies. Some of the movies are full length (an hour or more) and some are shorter (just a few minutes) of 3D girlfriends giving blowjobs or having sex.

The animation is amazing and add such realism that you wonder if it is truly 3D. Some of the Japanese Hentai movies have pixelated cocks for censorship which is a bit of a shame; however it doesn’t detract too much from the movie and is quite common with Japanese hardcore.

Flash Animations

There are a number of separate galleries for flash animations and more 3D girls. This is a sort of mix of seemingly unrelated flash animations that include things like anime comics.  If you like  the slightly more comic animations of the original adult flash games then these are pretty good; some of them are quite old though, but still pretty cool and great to watch.

In addition there are bonus feeds which incorporate things like dating and live cams. There is also other adult content to add a little more value to an already great site.  3D Girlfriends contains  tons of excellent and unique content and when added together gives hours of quality adult entertainment for a pretty low price.

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Graphics - 87%
Value for Money - 85%
Repeat Play Value - 80%


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