Wednesday , November 25 2020
3DXChat Beach Update

3DXChat Beach Update

The 3DXChat beach update is the latest improvement to appear in this popular adult MMO.  If you are an adult gamer who likes multiplayer virtual sex games then you may have heard of 3DXChat.

The 3DXChat game is ever improving, the latest of these is the 3DXChat beach update.  The beach was always pretty cool, but now it is just awesome; it seems to stretch for miles in truth its is around five or six beaches. I don’t know if I walked as far as I could go in either direction however.

If you want it, the 3DXChat beach update has added the ability to find a little bit of seclusion.  If you don’t, then you can play with other adults on whichever beach is the busiest.

The 3DXChat beach update includes the ability to walk sit or play on the cliffs with outstanding views.  In your 3DXChat virtual world the new beaches can offer a touch of reality with the benefits of virtual reality.

Stroll along the beach alone or with a virtual partner, it’s always warm. Stop where you like to play, dance, relax, kiss, hug or to have sex;  you won’t be arrested for getting naked in front of people.

What is 3DXChat Adult MMORPG

For those who aren’t familiar with 3DXChat it is one of the best online multiplayer virtual sex games around.  Whether you want to play alone or with others 3DXChat can give you what you need.

Socialise with virtual friends, have virtual sex with strangers in the safety of a virtual world or play alone.  If playing as a single player sex game you can have your two other characters join you; these can be men or women for straight, gay or bi-sexual encounters.

There are always great additions and enhancements to this near perfect adult game.  The addition of scalable vehicles to use in your virtual world are cool; and the awesome virtual world editor that allows you to create truly original virtual worlds are two such additions.

One of the plus points of 3DXChat is the large (and growing) number of members plus the diversity of the environment.  The graphics are awesome and it enables you to use the VStroker and Oculus Rift for a truly virtual experience.

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