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3DXChat Hairstyles and Sex

3DXChat Hairstyles and Sex

3DXChat hairstyles and sex, intrigued?  Well what do you entitle a post that brings you information about a new hairstyle and sex positions; exactly.

3DXChat never disappoints, it has loads of members to meet online and is the best MMOVSG around; with it’s regular updates and quality graphics you are likely to stay a member for years.  There are many 3DXChat hairstyles, the new one is a kind of bouffant 1980s style which can be multicoloured; however I am not an expert on hair.

So if the hair doesn’t get you going then what about the sex? The new sex poses are for girl on girl so it should please both lesbians and lovers of girls together. You will be able to join your favourite filly on a couch for some quality rear entry.  So either go online as a transsexual or a woman and meet other willing females, or play as a woman in single player mode.

In single player mode you can invite one of your female characters to join you.  There are six new positions in total, all from behind, three vaginal and three anal; however in effect it seems like three new ones as you would expect. So anyway, it is probably less about the 3DXChat hairstyles and more about the sex in this update.

If you have never played 3DXChat before then it is worth a look.  There are many adult MMO games, but in my opinion it is the best of all.  If you want to meet other people for truly anonymous virtual sex it benefits from many members; however you can also play it in single player mode with your own characters or with Bob and Betty.  Bob and Betty are the default virtual players for when you are in a hurry for sex, or you want it “your” way.

You will always be blown away by the graphics in 3DXChat; take a look at the 3DXChat beach update for the best beaches in any adult MMORPG.

Get the 3DXChat Hairstyles and Sex Poses

3DXChat new hairstyle
3DXChat lesbian sex position
3DXChat lesbian sex position
3DXChat lesbian sex position

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