Saturday , November 28 2020
3DXchat Halloween update

3DXChat Halloween Gifts

3DXChat Halloween gifts are just part of the latest inclusions to one of the most advanced adult multi-player games around. Since it’s launch, the 3DXChat MMOVSG has had a constant flow of cool updates. The most recent three include updates to clothing, in addition a supply of Halloween gifts; you can give these to any partners that you want to hook up with whilst playing the game.

You have a sexy police uniform to wear when enjoying all that the 3DXChat virtual world has to offer.  To be seasonal, they have included a good selection of Halloween gifts; these include witches hats, cauldrons, skulls, ghosts, black cats and more as in the update image below.

At 3DXChat they do like to keep adding cool new stuff; so, in addition to the Halloween goodies they have included the ability to climb on tables and bars. Now if you are feeling rowdy why not get the party started with a dance on the tables.

3DXChat witch hats

3DXChat Halloween gifts
In addition to the 3DXChat Halloween gifts and clothing mentioned above, this month includes sex clothing and other clothing updates.  The clothing updates allow you to make your personas even more unique; especially as you can have multiple personalities when playing the game.  Most adult MMORPGs provide you with the ability to customise your character’s look and feel by offering extensive or limited changes to your body, hair and wardrobe.  Within 3DXChat the options fall in the extensive range and as you can see, more are added all the time.

If you already have heard of or played 3DXChat then you can sign up directly using the links at the bottom of this post. Alternatively you can visit the website for more information or to join from there.

3DXChat clothes
3DXChat sex clothes

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The cheapest way to join 3DXChat is to Join for 12 months for $91.95, the next cheapest is to Join for 6 months for $59.95, or if you want to try it out for a month you can Join for 1 month for $19.95.

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