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iStripper Mobile Review

iStripper Mobile Review

iStripper Mobile is the next generation of personal strippers, this time for your mobile devices. There are currently around 60 shows, with three new ones being added every week. You can view previews on your iPhone, iPad or Android device; any full shows that you buy will also be available to you on your PC or MAC.

We have long awaited iStripper for mobile devices, and eventually it is here, quite a complex transition I expect.  If you are wondering how to access iStripper on your phone or tablet, read on.

Accessing iStripper Mobile

To access iStripper mobile is easy; got to on your mobile device and it will automatically load the mobile site. You can tap the girls on the screen to see their free preview; to find out information or buy the full show, tap the three dots and then one of the actions. You will need to set up an account to buy any of the shows.

The great thing is, you don’t have to download any apps, it works straight from the site. By creating an account you will also be able to access iStripper on your PC; any shows you buy for your mobile will also work on your PC or MAC but will look even better.

In addition, once you have an account you will be able to access the VR strippers; these are viewable on Google Cardboard and mobile virtual reality headsets. You will have to buy and download these through the main desktop site though instead of the mobile one.

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Using iStripper

Using iStripper on your mobile device is different to using it on the PC. Load the home page and tap any of the girls on the page to start their show; if you don’t own the show it will be a preview, otherwise it’ll be the full show. To switch models simply swipe left or right for next or previous. When a show is running, tap left or right to move to the next or previous scene. To see particular actions, tap the command menu to the bottom right (three dots), this will bring up a list of actions. The actions include pole dance, remove bra, remove panties, use dildo and masturbate; additionally there is a FREE action which plays the preview of the girl, not all actions are available with all girls.

The shows seem to range between about 15 and 30 minutes, some are more erotic than others; not all the shows will have the same number of clips either. Shows are shown on a blank background which makes them better for viewing on a mobile device. A rotate mobile symbol will show in the middle of the screen if you need to change your device’s orientation for the best view.

I used some of the shows that I already owned on the PC version of iStripper as a few have had a mobile version created. I also used some credits to get “Liya Silver & Jia Lissa” a duo show which was very nice. You can buy credits to purchase shows, the more you buy, the cheaper the credits work out.

Thoughts about iStripper Mobile

In my opinion, the mobile version of iStripper has been pretty well done; additionally as a member, your shows are viewable as desktop strippers on your PC or MAC, sort of two for one. This makes it great value for money because even if you spend $3.99 on a show, it’s yours forever and you can watch it on multiple devices.

Clearly the desktop strippers for the PC are still the best option as you have a bigger screen and more options; also, at the moment there are only around 60 shows on the mobile version, with over 4000 on the desktop version. I think that the mobile version will definitely get better with time; also, with around three shows being added weekly you’ll get more variety.

If you have the ability to try it on both platforms, do, you’ll be able to see which you prefer, I like them both. I think having the mobile version is a real bonus, as you won’t need to take a laptop to watch high quality strip shows from pretty models when you are out and about.

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iStripper Mobile Review Overview

Graphics - 98%
Value for Money - 95%
Sound - 85%
Repeat Play Value - 100%


iStripper now goes mobile for strippers on the go

With over two decades tantalising millions of users with desktop strippers now iStripper gives us girls to take out on the go.

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