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Puppet Master Short Clips Review

Puppet Master Short Clips Review

Puppet Master Short Clips are a collection of high quality short 3DX videos; if you are a fan of the Sensual Adventures 3DX animations, you will be sure to enjoy these.

As the name suggests, these are not full length 3DX animations, therefore there is no story line to any of them.

What is in Puppet Master Short Clips

Puppet Master short clips volume one includes seven virtual reality (VR) videos and 21 3DX videos; the length of each short clip ranges between 20 seconds and just under four minutes. In addition to the individual 3DX animations they have been compiled into one 45 minute compilation; the videos are all recorded in MP4 format.

Pretty much all of the 3DX videos in the Puppet Master short clips compilation are either Brittany of Trinity; perfect for fans of the Sensual Adventures franchise.

The clips include several different sexual styles, including solo, duo and threesomes. Sexual styles include dildo use, self sucking, wanking, riding, grinding, fingering, footjobs, Fleshlight and frotting, plus others.

iStripper Liya Silver stripping

Will I like the Short Clips

Well, despite the heading, I can’t really answer this because everyone is different; however if you are looking for no stop 3DX futanari sex, then this will definitely appeal.

If you are looking for a full length 3DX animation with a story, this might not be for you; in this event take a look at all the other Affect3D Reviews we have done. If you have not discovered Brittany and Trinity then read some of our Sensual Adventures reviews. Start with Sensual Adventures episode 1: The Reunion, this introduces the story then read Sensual Adventures episode 2: The Confession and Sensual Adventures episode 3: The Exhibition; finally read Sensual Adventures episode 4: The Expedition these will help you to catch up on the story so far.

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Puppet Master Short Clips Review Overview

Graphics - 95%
Value for Money - 90%
Sound - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 95%


This is the perfect choice for people who just want a varied selection of short 3DX futanari animations with no story to follow.

User Rating: 3.1 ( 12 votes)

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