Sunday , December 4 2022
3DXChat Review Update

3DXChat Review Update

It is impossible to keep up with all the changes with the amazing 3DXChat MMOVSG. This 3DXChat review update is no different.  I felt that after being a member of 3DXChat for so long, I really needed to take a look at the original score, which at 98% was fairly amazing, so I did.  The result was that I could not really find any fault with it. So, I have upgraded the original review score to be 100%.

You can also read more about 3DXChat in a recent post. I enjoy the 3DXChat adult MMORPG more than any other, and there are some good ones around.  It has fantastic graphics, fluid movement and the range of features. However, what makes 3DXChat stand out beyond the rest is the frequency of its updates.

You can read the 3DXChat review to see all about it; however the only way that you will discover how much fun it is will be to try it for yourself.   There is always something new to enjoy every month; there are an abundant range of sexual positions and the ability to play in single player or multi-player modes is ideal.  Sometimes you just want sex and maybe don’t want to woo any strangers into participating.  Also if you want to explore your sexuality as gay or lesbian, perhaps you would like to practice with your own three characters first.

Since I did the 3DXChat review I have been a member but I have not played 3DXChat to it’s full. I have not taken advantage of all the features; however in these days of adult social media, online sex and MMORPG there are many who do.  You will be able to form relationships make friends, party, chill out and socialise online; also, and importantly for many, meet people for sex in some fabulous locations or  open user rooms.  You could even open up one of your own rooms (you get two as a member) to everybody; read more about the amazing 3DXChat world editor to see what can now be done.

If you read my posts regularly you will have also seen that you can now virtually marry other members; that really is taking online dating to a new level!  Don’t take my word for it or that of a multitude of others, try it for yourself and see if you enjoy 3DXChat as much as the rest.

There are several options to join 3DXChat; 1 month will cost you just $9.99 or  6 months will cost just $29.99 and the option that offers the best value is to join 3DXChat for 12 months for just $45.99 alternatively use the link below and find out more about possibly the world’s best MMOVSG.

Find out more the 3DXChat Adult MMORPG

3DXChat Review Update Overview

Graphics - 100%
Value for Money - 100%
Sound - 100%
Repeat Play Value - 100%


There is nothing to dislike about 3DXChat

3DXChat is simply the best adult MMORPG around, at least in my humble opinion. Fabulous graphics, an amazing amount of sexual positions to use, a good supply of members and a single player mode.

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