Wednesday , October 4 2023
3DXChat Sex Positions

3DXChat Sex Positions Update

3DXChat sex positions are varied and plentiful, and this update adds even more variety.  Aimed primarily at those wanting to have virtual sex with multiple partners the new 3DXChat sex positions cover all bases; some of the new sex poses also cater for couples too.

This update from 3DXChat also includes some new clothing however, stocking variations for her and trousers for him.

New 3DXChat Sex Positions

Hot on the trail of the 3DXChat Glory Holes update comes a new addition, glory holes sex, doggy style; both anal and vaginal sex are catered for, so whatever your preference you will be happy.

Most of the other new 3DXChat sex positions are for having sex on the bed, again most combinations are catered for; so, whether you are gay, lesbian or just want a threesome you should come away more than satisfied.

The first new sex pose has three women, two siting kissing and fingering, and one performing oral sex. The second pose for three women only is two standing and one eating pussy from behind. There is a massage position for multiple variations with two on top and one face down being massaged.

Couples are included with a new crouching doggy style position; the same is used with mixed threesomes (or three males) with the inclusion of one getting a blowjob.

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3DXChat Stockings and Trousers

The final additions to the update so far this month include three new types of stockings for the women; also some new trousers and shorts for the men. The stockings include a knitted pair, a nylon or silk pair, and latex ones, all are holdups, so no garter belt.  The new trousers and shorts for men are low crotch ones as is the current fashion; they have been created for you by the designers Manyasha and Redji.

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