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A Day With Janice Griffith & Friends

A Day With Janice Griffith & Friends from Life Selector

A day with Janice Griffith & friends is an interactive sex adventure that you can play for free.  In the free version you will be able to experience a handjob and blowjobs; both will have you begging for more.  Janice Griffith is hot, and her new neighbors are keen to meet you both so you can enjoy them all.

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The Storyline

Janice has an insatiable hunger for sex, fun and laughter that she wants you to fill; will you be able to fill that hunger?  A day with Janice Griffith is the sort of day that any horny male would enjoy; probably many females too.

She loves to beg for sex too, so a day with Janice Griffiths promises to be exciting; she likes all sorts of sex but enjoys it long and hard. Spend a day with her and you will not be bored.

So how does the day go? She starts by wanting to stay in bed with you a little longer to enjoy your body. Afterwards there is some fun to be had at breakfast, part of that is her enjoying your cock.  In the day there you’ll fight, but she loves to make up; a day with Janice Griffith is like having a regular girlfriend but maybe with more sex.

If you really want the fun to start however, invite over the two cute neighbors for you both to enjoy.

Summing Up A Day With Janice Griffith & Friends

You can play a day with Janice Griffith and friends completely for free. In the free version of the game you will get to experience a handjob and blowjobs; if you want to have sex with Janice or her friends, then you will need to use some credits.  Once you have used credits on any Life Selector game you will be able to go back to play over and over. If you haven’t played their interactive sex games before then read our Life Selector review to find out more.

The screenshots came from playing the game for free, or from playing the trailer which is also free.

Play A Day With Janice Griffith & Friends For Free

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