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Beauty 3D Covergirl Review

From the moment you start playing Beauty 3D Covergirl you can feel the quality of this adult 3D virtual game.

You have two modes of play, they both behave in pretty much the same way. The first option is “Easy”, this allows you to remove some or all of your chosen girl’s clothes, perform your photo shoot, use the Real Touch option or have sex with her all at the touch of a few buttons.

The second option is “Challenge”, this allows you to do the same but in order to do this you have to warm her up by using the Real Touch option on her. This excites her into asking you to remove her top, panties and allowing you to have sex with her.

Decide which version of the game you want to play and select it from the menu. I started with easy because I wanted to see what my chosen girl could offer me. Next you get to choose from one of three beautiful girls. Julie is located on the beach during the day, Lily is on the beach at night and Emily is by a condo pool.

All of these girls are absolutely beautiful, the skin tone and rendering was perfect. It’s easy to find yourself wishing that they were real and it was you that was touching their breasts or having sex with them.

You are introduced to the scene with a short dialogue which you left click through before the main scene starts. Your role is that of Jacky, a photographer who is doing a photo shoot with a beautiful model.

The Graphics are stunning. The colour of the sand on the tropical beach and the reflections in the sea of the sky and the lapping surf are very realistic. Add to this the pleasing environmental sounds and you have a scene that takes you away to an idyllic location.

My two favourite locations in Beauty 3D are the beach at day and at night; however, try them all as the girls are all stunning and your choice of location may be different to mine.

Once in the scene, you can switch between camera panning mode and menu selection with just a right click on your mouse.

A good place to start is in photo mode. It is from here that you can remove her clothing and take some shots for your gallery; you can also choose what bikini she wears. Toggle through her poses, she will pose, move or even dance for you; movement is fluid and as she dances even the shadows appear to be perfect. There are loads of poses to choose from so you can take an abundance of different shots for your portfolio. You can even quite literally put her on the cover of a magazine using the gallery masks.

Touch mode allows you to play with the Real Touch feature. Get close to your chosen girl then click and hold the left mouse button as you reach to touch her breasts. Once you have hold of them you can move your hand around and she will moan as you play with them and rub her nipples. With Emily you can even slide your fingers into her tight pussy.

The Real Touch is a good feature and if the 3D stereo is turned on (and you have the correct anaglyph glasses) she does seem to be right in front of your face; the intelligent 3D technology seemed pretty good. As with most anaglyph 3D scenes however the colours will be less vibrant; also the images sometimes seem to have a bit of ghosting. However it is worth a look as it is only an extra few dollars; you can always turn the stereo mode off if you don’t like it. If anaglyph 3D is not your thing then opt for the cheaper version of the game.

Once you have her naked select the sex mode; here you can toggle through the various sexual positions until you are spent! The movements are realistic, the sounds quite erotic, and the graphics as you would expect are superb.

The scenes in Beauty 3D are easy to navigate and you can get really close for the sex action and Real Touch modes. You can even navigate around so that you can see the scene from below; this is kind of cool although it does give the appearance that they are floating in the air.

If you ever wanted to be a nude photographer or you love to have sex in tropical locations then I am sure you will love the Beauty3D Naked Covergirl 2.0 adult game. With it’s rich graphics, stunning girls and original features it has to be worth a look.

Beauty 3D Naked Covergirl doesn’t seem to exist anymore; as an alternative you could take a look at KARI, possible the worlds most advanced AI virtual girlfriend.

Take a look at KARI instead of Beauty 3D

Beauty 3D Review Overview

Graphics - 90%
Value for Money - 85%
Repeat Play Value - 85%


One of the better 3D modelling adult games

Beautiful 3D girls, beautiful locations, nice graphics and original features

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