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Bloodlust Cerene Review

Bloodlust Cerene Review

Bloodlust Cerene is an amazing full length animated sex adventure story; created by same guy that brought us Girlfriends 4 Ever I expected great things, I was not disappointed.

Bloodlust Cerene is a work of art and that’s not an understatement. It has  the look and feel of a high budget production and is a fantasy within a fantasy.  Also unlike Girlfriends 4 Ever it is a heterosexual animation; so, if you prefer regular women instead of futas then Bloodlust Cerene will be right up your street.

The second episode, Bloodlust Cerene Royal Descent is already available and does include dickgirls; this is a good balance, I have as yet to see the second instalment but I expect it to be good.

Bloodlust Cerene Story Overview

If like me, you like fantasy programmes like Game of Thrones or True Blood the you’ll likely enjoy Bloodlust Cerene; it is a 3DX medieval fantasy adventure, however it has the added benefit of a very hot vampire, Cerene.

There are three key characters in the story; Prince Tristan and his hot Duchess, Sophia, also the powerful and sexy vampire Cerene.  Tristan craves power, but the king has kept him out of the public eye; this is due to fear from an ancient pact with the vampires.  Tristan discovers his best friend has been taken and learns of the pact; furious, he decides to confront the vampire lord.

Before he leaves he seeks his true love, the Duchess Sophia, thankfully (for us all) it means rampant sex.  After promises have been made he sets off on his quest but it is not quite what he imagined; the vampire lord turns out to be the beautiful Cerene.  She has been watching Tristan, and has plans for him … you’ll be pleased to know we get to see the plans in action.

How Sexy is Bloodlust Cerene

Very sexy describes it perfectly.  In the first part of the story you have the innocent and beautiful Duchess Sophia, Tristan’s true love.  You will watch them participate in a multitude of positions; you will be treated to blow jobs, cunnilingus, reverse wheelbarrow and a standing 69. Tristan will also practice shirikoki (fucking between her butt cheeks) and sex from behind; he tries to get anal sex in there too all this before orgasms and cum shots.

The second part is equally sex infused.  Cerene gives an amazing blow job and rides him cow girl; there are various types of standing sex and Tristan gets to do anal in various ways. There are also three different cum shots throughout the encounter.

Why Watch Bloodlust Cerene

In my opinion Bloodlust Cerene is about as good as it gets.  This 3DX adventure story is nearly half an hour long and has been created to an extremely high standard.

Whether you are a straight man or a woman, if you like sex, I think you’re going to love the story.  It is set in the medieval age, popular in so many fantasies; you could probably even watch this with your girlfriend and get her turned on too.

The story is related to you in detail with quality voice overs and graphics; you are smoothly led into the encounter with Sophia which is the first part of the story.  The second half of the story is the confrontation with Cerene; she has learned much from watching him.

Bloodlust Cerene is definitely worth watching if you are looking for a good 3DX adventure animation and like beautiful women and great sex. What’s more, as it is an MP4 video so you can take it with you on your mobile phone or tablet.

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Bloodlust Cerene Review Overview

Graphics - 100%
Value for Money - 95%
Sound - 100%
Repeat Play Value - 97%


An Amazing 3DX Adventure Animation

I doubt that animations come any better than Bloodlust Cerene. This is an animation like no other that I have seen so far. Beautiful women, a handsome prince and great sex; what more could you want.

User Rating: 3.73 ( 6 votes)

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