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BoneCraft Review

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BoneCraft is set in a galaxy far far away and is brought to you by the creators of the worlds most outrageous and politically incorrect adult game, BoneTown! Whilst they share similarities in gameplay and definitely share the same bad taste humour and hot women that is where the similarities end, but if you like BoneTown then you may very well find that this will be the next addictive game that you will want to be playing.

Within the game you have 11 missions to complete, you can make it as easy or hard as you like thanks to the the 3 difficulty levels.  The level you choose will determine just how fast you can get to the Elven pussy. Once you unlock any of the hot Elven babes you will be able to go back and have sex with them at any time by visiting the sex store which is available to visit from the main mission screen.  In the sex store you can also buy new sexual positions to use if you fancy a change.

Closing the sex store window will allow you to select the difficulty level and buy new weapons or upgrades before your mission begins. Once you are on the missions you will need to collect stuff like ammo, jet fuel and cash, also you will be able to repair your health; all you have to do to collect all this free stuff is to kill things or kick the crap out of  them.  Completing a mission allows you to progress to the next level in the game.

You can also play BoneCraft in free roam mode, this allows you to freely wander around the environment collecting things that you may have missed that you need for later missions. You will also still be able to beat things up thus gaining even more useful items.

Each mission is started at a computer console, in free roam mode you can go back to any mission’s console and hit the enter key to start the mission;  from this screen you will be able to save a game or buy weapons upgrades. Simply close the window to go back to the free roam mode.

You have to complete the missions in order, so when you complete one you can then move on to the next.  At the start and end of each mission there are some very unique scenes for you to watch that are just full of the politically incorrect and warped humour that make D-Dub software unique.

All in all, BoneCraft is a fantastic adult game which I am sure that you will love, personally BoneTown is my favourite, but BoneCraft comes in at a very close second.  You can download BoneCraft or buy it on DVD and have it mailed to you.

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BoneCraft Review Overview

Value for money - 100%
Graphics - 100%
Sound - 100%
Playability - 100%


The hottest Adult Fantasy Game around

BoneCraft gives you the hottest Elven pussy around and you have to try to bone it. There is no shortage of hot women, bad taste, fighting and sex as you progress through the levels! Will you be man enough to bang the Elven Queen?

User Rating: 2.75 ( 2 votes)

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