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Chathouse 3D clothing update

Chathouse 3D Clothing Updates

The latest Chathouse 3D Clothing updates have been added recently so I thought I would do a post to let you know about them and how you get them.  Updates are coming faster now in Chathouse 3D which is a really good thing as it lets you make your characters individual to your tastes. If you would like to find out more about the game then read our Chathouse 3D review.

The most recent updates include sexy green clothing for St Patrick’s day amongst other things, new watches and sunglasses to add to the large array of those available, student clothing and a barcode tattoo for females.  Also there have been a large number of new dances including twirking, gangnam style, macarena and around 10 or more others.

To get the latest Chathouse 3D clothing updates or any other add ons you will need to visit the online shop where you can purchase the latest extras and all other items that you may want in order to totally personalise your characters and gaming experience within Chathouse 3D.

For those who are unaware, Chathouse 3D is an very unique adult MMORPG. Unlike many others, Chathouse 3D is primarily a chat driven adult virtual world that focuses on houses, rather than an extensive free roaming adult virtual world. Within the adult virtual world at the time of writing there is Chathouse Day, Chathouse Night and the Fetish Room. The game also utilises the latest technologies such as Occulus Rift and VStroker and some extremely cool sex animations.  Other popular adult virtual world games include the popular 3DXChat, you can read our 3DXChat review for full details.

The fact that it is less of an adult virtual world does however mean that you are often likely to find virtual sex quite quickly when you find somebody in the room with you. And if you buy the Single Player mode upgrade then you will be able to enjoy all that Chathouse 3D has to offer even if you login to the game during a quiet period.

Now back to the Chathouse 3D Clothing, once Chathouse 3D is running you can click on the buy upgrades option which will take you to the shop, click on the “Gear” category and browse and buy whatever you want. You can buy all manner of things in the store, not just clothes, from body customizations such as skin colour, tattoos, nail colours, hair, genital hair and body part enhancements etc. through to Locations and extras. There are six categories to choose from, these are Customizations, Animations, Gear, Toys, Locations and Things. There is currently only one additional location but a huge number of different Chathouse 3D clothing options.

The best purchase is from Things, this is single player mode. Single player mode enables you to play the game with multiple players even when there are no real people that you can find in the virtual world, also cool when you just want to get straight to it. It may seem expensive but it is a one of purchase as with all things in the game, when you buy them they are your to use all the while you are a member, there is no monthly fee.

Chathouse 3D shop items are bought with XCoins, a virtual currency that you buy with real money to be used within the game.  XCoins can be bought in differing sized bundles, the more you buy the better the exchange rate, just like real money.

If you haven’t tried Chathouse 3D Give it a go, you can become a member and download it for free, if you like it you can then pay to unlock the hardcore option.

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