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Flash for Adults Review

Flash for Adults Review

I have left the review of Flash for adults below as it is interesting for historical purposes, but the site is now dead. Many reasons could have lead to this, mainly the death of Adobe Flash though. If you want an alternative I would suggest looking at Affect3D or J-List adult section as alternatives. They are not the same, but they have a lot of individual content that might appeal.

Flash for adults will provide you with a range of adult flash games, animations, stories and pictures. The adult content is spread across several categories, some are better than others, but there is enough content to keep you amused.

I prefer adult games that are more advanced such as 3D Girlz or 3D SexVilla 2; however adult flash games are loved many people.  Also adult flash games are really the forerunners to some of the more advanced adult games that we have today. It all depends on your personal taste as to what you prefer to play; so if you are a lover of adult flash content then read on.

Flash for Adults has a number of exclusive flash games; this  relatively small selection contains some funny and tongue in cheek games that are rated well by the members.

Flash animations gives you access to a collection of adult flash mini sites; these contain animations and stories and are mostly quite different from each other. I found some of these to be pretty funny, so check them out if you like a laugh. The humour in adult flash games is one of the things I like about them, oh and the sex too!

Flash fun consists of a fairly poor selection of games and fun flash items; in my humble opinion they aren’t that brilliant, however they will appeal to some people I am sure.  Out of all, this section section is possibly my least favourite of the site.

Inside the stories section you will find links to sites that update regularly; these are small mini sites but contained a large number of erotic stories. There is also a selection of adult flash animation stories. I quite enjoyed this section and if you like reading erotic stories you probably will too.

A hint here is that if you have a girlfriend or wife, why not let them read some of these (or read some to them) as it should get them turned on pretty quickly as many girls prefer the written porn to the visual stuff, hey guys what can I say, in that way they are more advanced than us!

There is a small selection of weekly or monthly updating galleries covering toon, 3D and anime pictures. This is quite a small section of the site so if you particularly like anime or hentai pictures I would suggest looking at Affect3D or J-List adult section.

Flash adventures have a number of flash stories and animations (many are interactive) that form part of a series. Some of these are pretty humorous and are the traditional adult flash style of animation so flash game lovers, you should enjoy these.

Toon vision, holds a number of funny and interactive movie style stories or flash animations; these combine humour and cartoon erotica. They are sort of the equivalent of cheesy B movies which simply adds to their charm.

Finally in the Flash games section you will find a diverse collection of close to 300 adult flash games and animations including a large number of hentai games and anime erotica.

Flash for Adults is a great site for all lovers of everything flash. Overall it contains a large amount of adult flash content and is definitely worth taking a better look at.

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Visit Affect 3D

Visit the J-List Adult Section

Flash for Adults Review Overview

Graphics - 75%
Value for Money - 78%
Repeat Play Value - 76%


Amusing adult flash games and more

Flash for Adults is a little dated in some areas but offers a good selection of added bonus material in addition to a large quantity of adult flash content.

User Rating: 4.5 ( 1 votes)

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