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Strip Sudoku Review

Strip Sudoku Review

Strip Sudoku is a very unusual choice of game to have as a strip game; but who am I to decide, what works for one doesn’t work for others. The game just seems an unlikely choice as you don’t actually have opponents; it does however work better than you would think. If you like brain training games and pretty girls, then you may like this.

When you first launch the Strip Sudoku adult game you will be able to select a girl.  She will then strip to tantalise you with her naked beauty and sexy lingerie throughout the game.

The graphics are the same excellent quality as the other games that form part of your membership with UPlay-IStrip; also there are the same standard windows buttons to enable you to control the window size.  As with the other strip games from UPlay-IStrip there is no real dialogue other than a brief introduction. There is an mp3 player built in for background music which is good.

The girls are obtained by purchasing tickets, two tickets per girl.  Depending on how many tickets you buy in one go it can work out pretty cheap.  The tickets are used for all of the games not just the Strip Sudoku game, which is good as there aren’t a huge number of girls available for Strip Sudoku.

For anyone who hasn’t played Sudoku before it is a numbers game. In the Strip Sudoku adult game, you get nine boxes in a three by three grid, each with nine squares. Each box, row and column must contain the numbers one to nine, therefore the same number cannot appear twice in any box row or column.

Throughout the Strip Sudoku adult game your sexy opponent is touching herself and teasing you; she does it as you play the game in order to make you lose your concentration. The more that she strips off, the harder it gets (the game).

The girls are incredibly good looking with extremely fine bodies, but depending on your skill at Sudoku it may take you a while to see their beautifully firm and toned lady bits!

If you like Sudoku or numbers games, then the addition of a choice of hot honeys removing their clothes and draping themselves naked across your Strip Sudoku adult game board will almost certainly make this one game you will want to try out.

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Strip Sudoku Review Overview

Graphics - 87%
Value for Money - 85%
Repeat Play Value - 75%


The most unusual strip game ever

Strip Sudoku is good for those who like brain training and pretty women, but it is not going to be enjoyed quite so much by those who don't like numbers games.

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