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Fleshlight Interactive Sex Toys

Fleshlight interactive incorporate sex toys for men and sex toys for women. The toys can be used alone or together depending on what you buy.

If you are wondering what a Fleshlight is, then where have you been! Fleshlight have sold over 7 million units worldwide; this just goes to show that masturbation is widely accepted as an international pastime for both men and women.  The use of premium sex toys only enhances the experience even further.  In my Fleshlight review it rated 100%, how cool is that.

Fleshlight interactive incorporates several products including the VStroker. This is a small device that attaches to your Fleshlight and talks to your computer via a wireless connection; this lets you  control the movements in a number of the world’s best virtual sex games, by the speed at which you masturbate.

Fleshlight interactive also incorporates Kiiroo, apparently the world’s most advanced Teledildonic masturbator, one for men and one for women. The Kiiroo Onyx is for men and contains the same patented Fleshlight Superskin that is found in other Fleshlight products.  The Kiiroo Pearl is the female toy which is made from hygienic silicone with an ergonomic design; it has five vibration speeds and a shape that allows the G-Spot to be targeted. Use them together together and they supposedly allow you to perform magic with each other!

Both can connect to the Kiiroo’s exclusive and secure adult social network via Bluetooth and allow you to experience the touch of a lover from wherever they are in the world.   It would seem that any two Kiiroo sex toys can connect to each other via the network, and via video chat you can further enhance your short or long distance relationships.

I have not tried the Kiiroo for myself so I cannot comment on how good it is; however it does seem like a great idea to keep the passion alive when you are apart or when you want to play.  It would also seem that either can be used by itself  and in conjunction with a video service that allows you to feel what you are seeing on the screen; but the magic happens when the two are together.

They seem to be quite expensive so it may be worth checking the customer reviews on the internet yourself before committing to buy anything; use the link below to find out more about the complete Fleshlight Interactive range.  You can also watch some adult video clips demonstrating their use.

Find out more about Fleshlight Interactive

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