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Hitomi My Stepsister Review

Hitomi My Stepsister Review

To play Hitomi my Stepsister you will need to be connected to the internet to validate your registration; once the game starts however you can disconnect.

On the game’s main screen you get five options. New game and Quit need no explanation and Continue allows you to start the game from a save point. Extra offers you the ability to enjoy CGs, erotic scenes and music from the game. Option displays the options screen.

Options gives you a number of graphics and sound choices plus allows you to exit the game;  Also you can set the game to full screen mode, return to the opening menu or get help. The help is worth reading as it covers everything you need to know about Hitomi my Stepsister.

Whist playing the game you can access a command menu; from here you can Load or Save a game, set the story to Auto, or Skip. Setting to auto will display the text without the need for you to click; skip is in effect a fast forward. There is also Log which shows a backlog of the story line.

One final option worth a mention is the Flowchart.  Flowchart shows the flow of the story that you have chosen through the game and also enables you to see what paths to take. It could be considered a way to cheat, however I did personally find it useful.

If you have never played a hentai sex game before then search the internet for a walkthrough to help; for example search for “Hitomi Stepsister walkthrough” and you will find something.

Hitomi My Stepsister is a command selection adventure game which is an adult bishoujo or hentai sex game. This game has a multi-ending system. This means that your choices in the game will determine how the story unfolds and ultimately concludes.

You can switch to full screen mode from the options menu or use right click to clear the text at any point throughout the game. I always like games with full screen options as it looks better filling the monitor I think

I struggled a bit with the story line in Hitomi my Stepsister because it conflicted with my personality and beliefs; it was dark and quite depressing, a distinct change from hentai games like Sagara Family. It addressed the dark desires of Takahiro Maejima and delved into the dark world of rape, sadism and humiliation which at times was a little abhorrent.

Despite the dark nature of this game it brought these issues to the surface in a realistic way with a plausible story line. It wasn’t just about control and power; it also addressed the psychological conflict of deepest desire versus inner self belief.

Hitomi My Stepsister begins with Takahiro Maejima living solely with his Father, Nobuhiro. His mother had left them and his father rarely spoke to him. Suddenly he is confronted with the news that his father has remarried and that he now not only has a beautiful stepmother (Yoko), but also a beautiful stepsister (Hitomi).

Hitomi is a sad, quiet girl who is shy and has many secrets. Takahiro desires her with a passion that surprises even himself. He also secretly wants his classmate, Yuki Yanamoto who is a charming and graceful girl who hides her shyness with her courage.

The background music in the game is quite haunting; also it is well placed with the dark scenes that come to light as the story unfolds. The graphics used for the scenery are stunning and vivid in colour.

Hitomi my Stepsister lacks the animations present in some of the hentai sex games; also I preferred the graphic styling of the characters in The Sagara Family.  However that is just a matter of personal taste.

The story unfolds quite slowly but is interesting and very deep. At times you find yourself getting absorbed in the plot and experiencing some of the emotions expressed. I guess the emotions you feel will depend on your own beliefs and who you personally see as the victim. Once it does unfold however, the sex scenes come thick and fast and will definitely leave you with an opinion one way or another.

How the story ends in this adult bishoujo game will depend on the choices you make; it can end well or bad, the choice is yours. There are many possibilities with how the game flows which makes it good for repeat gameplay.

Whilst not my personal taste, if you like your hentai sex games to be dark and deep then Hitomi My Stepsister will keep you guessing until the end.

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Hitomi my Stepsister Review Overview

Graphics - 90%
Value for Money - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 85%


This is a dark adult bishoujo game

Hitomi my Stepsister is dark in content, dominated by rape, sadism and humiliation so it will not be to everyone's taste.

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