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iStripper VR Review

iStripper VR Review

iStripper VR is the latest virtual reality addition from probably the biggest provider of virtual strippers around.

iStripper have been promising VR for a while, and now it has fulfilled that promise.  For us, it means that we get to immerse ourselves in virtual reality; we’ll have the hottest models stripping and pleasuring themselves, literally right in front of our eyes.  You can read our thoughts about Virtual Reality Sex if it interests you.

Until Easter 2019 selecting VR in the iStripper control panel would show the message “coming soon”. Things have changed now however; following Easter there is now VR content, OK, limited at the moment, but it is still there.

What is iStripper VR

iStripper VR is a growing collection of stripping models who’s purpose is to tease you one on one. There are initially four models, two of whom already have regular iStripper shows.  The models are Valeria Borghese, Liya Silver, Li Moon and Stella Flex.  I suspect that this number will grow quite quickly over the coming months.

A lot of VR headsets seem to be supported; Oculus, Vive, Windows Augmented Reality, Daydream and Gear VR are all supported.  In addition there is support for Oculus go, Google Cardboard and Playstation VR.  Currently I don’t own a high end VR headset; for this review I used a Destek v4 mobile VR headset with an android phone and all worked well.

The VR app I downloaded to my android phone was GizmoVR; the app seems to respond well, and it is useful that you can access fast forward and rewind controls. Watching from start to finish is good, but sometimes you just want to skip between the best bits; you may prefer different apps, so take a look yourself if using VR on your phone.

It is pretty cool that you can use the iStripper VR content on your phone; as yet, that is something that you can’t do with the regular iStripper shows.

Virtual Reality Content Quality

In order to be able to let you know about the content I downloaded all four girls.  All offer a little something different, even though (as you would expect) the end result will be the same; for her, and for you!  The current four videos are 5K, 180°, 3D and 60fps.

The quality is excellent, even on the mobile headset it was good and I was only watching in 1080p.  The shows are a little more expensive than regular iStripper shows, but can still be purchased for around $3 if you buy the biggest number of credits.

I have been watching iStripper from when it started in the 1990s; in all that time it has just got bigger and better. I don’t doubt that it will continue the theme with the new VR section.

First Thoughts about iStripper VR

The shows are a little short by comparison to the regular desktop strippers. I don’t think this is a bad thing as using VR headsets can be tiring on the eyes; but another five minutes might be good. However,what they lose in length they make up for in quality.

Some of the models were more in your face than others which really enhances the whole VR experience in my view.  I hope that coming shows, will include the close up aspect of VR, from both ends of the body whilst the girls play.

Currently the VR strippers all use the same set, it might be nice if there was some variation in room style and furniture, especially when the number of shows grows; this doesn’t take anything away from the quality, it just adds a bit of variety.

All that said, the models chosen for the first shows are super sexy; they certainly will illicit the appropriate response!  When they are stripping off in front of your face it is truly immersive.

Final Thoughts About iStripper VR

iStripper has a very unique and unbeatable product with their desktop strippers; there is no competition really because there is nothing else quite like it as far as I am aware.  However, with virtual reality, there are a multitude of companies doing it with an unbelievable diversity of content.  I hope that the same unique quality that exists in the regular iStripper offerings will continue into the VR content; I don’t doubt that it will.

If you like iStripper and you have a VR headset, then you really should try at least one of the shows; they are all good.  My favourite girl was Li Moon, although my favourite show was Valeria Borghese; her show was much more up close and personal. Don’t be afraid to try them for yourself, I don’t think for the price you’ll be disappointed.

To access the VR shows, you will need to sign into your iStripper account and select the VR tab.  If you don’t yet have an account you can use the link below and sign up for free. You will also be able to access the iStripper desktop stripper shows.

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iStripper VR Review Overview

Value for Money - 95%
Quality of VR Content - 98%
Viewing Enjoyment - 90%


iStripper Gets Virtual

iStripper VR has been long awaited. It has got a lot to do to fill the boots of iStripper's desktop stripper content. However from what I see, it will be offering some incredible girls to get up close and personal with.

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