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Virtual Reality Sex

Virtual Reality Sex

Virtual reality sex (VR Sex) is the buzz word at the moment; and possibly the next step in the evolution of porn.  An increase in the number of different VR headsets available has lead to them being more affordable. With affordability has come popularity which has lead to a change in the way adult games are being developed; additionally a growing number of VR porn sites exist to serve a diverse selection of virtual reality porn movies.

Where the future of virtual reality sex will end nobody really knows.  Adult virtual world games are perfectly suited to the environment; read more about 3DXChat to see why it is so popular. For adult gamers with VR headsets then sites like porn parody site VRCosplayX could be worth a look.  If, like me, you are a fan of iStripper you may want to read our iStripper VR review.

Will virtual reality sex ever signify the end of traditional porn? Well, in the short term probably not.  I suspect some of the most visited adult movie sites such as PornHub will not be worrying; especially as they do have VR content on PornHub premium!

Does Virtual Reality Sex Mean the End of Traditional Porn?

The trouble with virtual reality sex is that everything high end isn’t affordable to the masses.  Mobile VR headsets including Google cardboard have made VR porn accessible; however, whilst much of the VR porn can be viewed with these devices, many adult games cannot; this is changing, with more sex games being created for mobiles.  Many of the popular VR sex games are for use on a PC so will require something more expensive.

Mobile headsets do have their limitations mainly the quality of viewing and quality of available VR apps. Problems can exist for those who wear glasses too, even in the adjustable headsets; also, many apps don’t give easy access to the video controls on mobile headsets. However, with that in mind, they are perfect for those wanting to experience VR porn relatively cheaply.  Specialist VR porn sites like VRBangersVRCosplayX and the award winning BadoinkVR give USA customers a Google cardboard headset free with membership.

In order to try VR porn, I too went down the more affordable mobile route. The biggest inconvenience was finding an app that let me control the video; fast forward, rewind, pause etc.  I was using an HTC 10 with a Destek V4 mobile VR headset; the app I settled for on my Android phone was GizmoVR. This seemed the best for the job out of the multitude of apps that I tried; it wasn’t difficult to use, and it imported the video intelligently.

VR porn is a much more immersive experience than traditional porn; you really do feel much more of a participant.  The stars really do get up close and personal; one downside however is that it isn’t always comfortable on your neck as you move your head around to survey the scene.  Traditional porn won’t be going anywhere yet as the viewing experience is more comfortable, and the picture better; but VR porn is definitely worth investigating yourself.

Virtual Reality Sex Dolls

RealDoll is a company that has been round for several years creating realistic sex dolls.  Admittedly RealDolls will be out of the reach of most of us as they are expensive; however, the next step for the company was to create an AI RealDoll, Harmony.  Realbotix was set up to produce harmony, and many years have been spent on creating the AI.  She will be a virtual companion, learning from conversation and one who you will be able to have sex with; you will also be able to easily change her face if you get fed up with the one she has.

RealDoll certainly seem to have the top spot in high end sex dolls and they do appear to be very realistic; I can’t comment on how they feel as I have never tried one.

As far as sex robots go she is pretty advanced by today’s standards  … I have no doubt that this will not be the case in the future.  Below is a little overview found on YouTube to explain the creator’s vision.

Virtual Intercourse with Real People

In January 2018 Camsoda, a leading adult webcam platform, announced a partnership with RealDoll.  The partnership is to provide what is being called VIRP or Virtual Intercourse with Real People.

The idea behind this is to allow the user to have virtual sex in real time with a cam model of their choice, with the virtual sex mimicking real sex. The user will need a RealDoll equipped with a Lovesense Max (a teledildonics male masturbator) and the model will need to use the Lovesense Nora sex toy. The Lovesense Nora will digitally send details of the model’s movements to the Lovesense Max; the end result, it will feel like you are having real sex with her.

Whilst I am sure that many would like to try this out, the setup will be cost prohibitive for the majority of would be users; also it doesn’t seem to be available just yet.

The Future of Virtual Reality Sex

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” – William Arthur Ward

I don’t know what the future of virtual reality sex is, but for what it is worth, this is what I think …

I believe that the quote above holds within it the future of virtual reality sex; that the future still lies in our imagination.   Every invention, product and idea has started life in someones imagination.  Therefore the future of VR will evolve in order to match the dream and the passion of the innovators; and that means that there are no boundaries.  This won’t all happen over night, but I have no doubt that many creations, including some controversial ones, will come about over the coming years.  VR porn already upsets the belief systems of some, and at the moment we’re only just skimming the surface of what we’ll be capable of.

It is clear that sex has the power! The internet would no doubt not have travelled as far as it has without it; and I feel certain that our desire for sex will help shape the future of  virtual reality.  As technology and artificial intelligence evolves Sex robots will become advanced; eventually more like walking talking companions.  Virtual reality will advance and no doubt we will be able to shape the virtual worlds; we will be able to partake in our own fantasies using virtual reality; and I’m sure that will only be the beginning.

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