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Lightning Warrior Raidy Review

Lightning Warrior Raidy is a cross between a hentai sex game and a traditional RPG.  It seems to be trying to be everything to both genres; however, the result is that it doesn’t seem to achieve perfection in either.

Die hard RPG players looking for features found in high end dungeon crawler games will be scathing of the lack of imagination that has gone into the overall game environment, and will find the battle scenes somewhat disappointing.  Hentai sex game fans will find the relative simplicity of the hentai sex scenes disappointing and lacking in sexual stimulation.

However, if you can be forgiving about the simplicity of the game environment’s interface and battle sequences, I think you will find a game that has echoes of the early 1990s dungeon crawlers and is absorbing and entertaining despite its shortcomings.

You play the part of Lightning Warrior Raidy, a female wandering sword fighter who is wandering the land of Else.  The naked young maidens have been enslaved in the tower; this has caused the village of Saad to become a near deserted ghost town inhabited only by the elderly. Raidy is pursuing a quest to free these maidens.

Previous attempts to rescue the girls by all the young men of the village have been met by failure as they have never returned home from their quest.

When you start to play Lightning Warrior Raidy  you will be standing in front of the tower with three choices; “Look at the tower”, “Look at the entrance” and “think it over”. Select each multiple times until the last text read is the same as the previous; make “Look at the entrance” the last option and eventually you will enter the tower.

Within the tower there will be six levels. It is your quest to fight the monsters, discover secret potions and other items and defeat the boss of each level. When you will finally reach level six and hopefully win the game.

Each level has different monsters with different strengths and weaknesses who you must defeat. The more you defeat them the more experience you gain on each level; this boosts your level and makes defeating the monsters easier each time.

The game itself is based around a maze system; so to start with you will need to draw a map as you are going around (until you discover the room containing the map of the level). Once you have retrieved this moving around is much easier.

In addition to defeating the monsters, you need to recover items that will help in your quest and make fighting easier. You will find potions that you will need to take as your reserves start to drop. I am not going to explain all the options as they are fairly obvious and the manual covers them.

This is essentially an adult hentai game review so I know you will want to know what the graphics are like;  well, they are fantastic. The graphics of the girls are very erotic, as are the hentai sex scenes (albeit a little limited).

The graphics of the game environment are disappointing as they are the same for each level except the sixth.  They have grey corridors and walls with the odd door, but no landmark points to help you navigate. Initially you can find yourself wandering over the same ground with nothing to help you find where you are; that’s where the level plan comes in handy.

Keep an eye on all your levels such as HP (health power) and MP (mental power); if they start to drop you will need to use one of your potions to boost your reserves. Using the potions is done from a button on the screen. Potions are gained from fighting monsters and opening the relevant hidden chests in some rooms.

Some monsters can poison you, so keep an eye on that too. “Norm” means you are OK and “Poi” means you have been poisoned and need an anti poison potion. Once you pick up an item such as a sword, or new armour you will need to equip it if you want to use it;  to do this, select the item of equipment (first of the four buttons on the screen).

It is important to remember the equipment because if you don’t equip yourself with it you won’t be benefiting from the stronger armour and better swords. Trust me because I was on level five before I realised – DOH!

One last hint I would make is to save often. Save before entering a new room or after defeating an enemy or before fighting the level boss. If in doubt save, you will thank me for it when a monster creeps up from nowhere and defeats you.

Once you master Lightning Warrior Raidy, it is worth mentioning that there are two more.  Get the second episode Lightning Warrior Raidy II: Temple of Desire or the third episode Lightning Warrior Raidy III. I haven’t played either of these versions yet, however, if the first episode is anything to go by I expect that they will be good.

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Lightning Warrior Raidy Review Overview

Graphics - 90%
Value for Money - 95%
Repeat Play Value - 85%


Hot Hentai RPG sex game

Lightning Warrior Raidy is an entertaining and unique adult game which mixes great graphics with a dungeon crawler interface to create an unusual yet absorbing RPG.

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