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NR-02 Review

NR-02 Review

NR-02 is another sci-fi creation from the designers of R0S1; hot on the tail of my review of R0S1 I thought I would take a look.

NR-02 is the faithful (and very shiny) robot of the last man on earth; you get to experience their exploits through animation.

More About NR-02

NR-02, as you may have gathered, is an application (for PC only) that is from the sc-fi genre.  If you like adult science fiction, and you liked R0S1, then you are sure to like this.

Launching the application will load the first animation; this includes an icon to mute the background music and a shiny breasts image to click for the interface.

As with R0S1 the interface is pleasingly simple. If you just want to see NR-02 getting down to it with her human you will be  straight there.

From the interface the main controls will let you load the next or previous animations or show a menu; the menu allows you to cherry pick from all of the animations. You can now also use the cursor keys on the keyboard to move forwards and backwards through the animations too.

Since R0S1 the animation resolution has increased significantly resulting in much better graphics; they can still be viewed fullscreen. The graphics of the full length animation The Lust Avenger still take some beating though; however this is closer.

It is all personal taste, but I preferred the theme of NR-02 to that of R0S1; however, you can download a free demo of R0S1 to see what you think.

Purchasing NR-02 gives you the application to view the 27 included animations on a PC. To clear the screen of the control options for a clear view of the animation use the right mouse button; to get them back again use the left hand button.  The looping animations enable you to keep watching any favourites “hands free” until you want to move on to the next.

The background music is pretty cool, but it would benefit from a few sexual pleasure sounds; this was the same for R0S1.

Try The Free Demo

NR-02 will appeal to some more than others, either way you can download the NR-02 Free demo, so you may as well take a look. The demo version is limited to viewing three out of the 27 animations included in the full version; however it is a perfect way to see if you will like it.

Download The Free NR-02 Demo

Download NR-02

NR-02 Review Overview

Graphics - 90%
Value for Money - 90%
Sound - 78%
Repeat Play Value - 85%


27 Short Looping High Quality Animations For Sci-Fi lovers

If you like robots or sci-fi and enjoy adult entertainment, then NR-02 will provide you with a satisfying amount of light relief from the looping animations.

Try The Free Demo
User Rating: 4.55 ( 1 votes)

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