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Sexy Belote Review

Sexy Belote Review

Sexy Belote is a somewhat unusual, but definitely interesting game of Strip Belote from UPlay-IStrip. The company also brings you Strip Poker, Strip 4, Strip Sudoku (yes, Strip Sudoku!) and Strip Chess. It combines the joys of game playing with the better pastime of watching beautiful women getting themselves naked when they lose to you.

Sexy Belote is a strip variation of the French game Belote; Belote is a trick taking game which involves trumping the opponents.  Don’t worry if you haven’t played the game before because I hadn’t either but it has has some useful help; the help also explains the values placed against the cards as they are different to what you would expect. So, as an example, if the card is a trump suit then the three highest cards in order are Jack, 9 and Ace but if the suit is a non trump suit the order is Ace, 10 and King.

Launch Sexy Belote then choose the pair of girls you want to have as opponents. Strip Belote is a team game played by two teams, a female team (the girls you just chose), and your team which is you and a male partner who is allocated to you.

Your male partner does not have to take off his clothes, which is probably a good thing as you wouldn’t be playing this game if it wasn’t the girls that you want to see naked!  The graphics in the Sexy Belote game are very good.

There is not a great deal of dialogue, but you can use the included MP3 play list builder so that you can have your own selection of background music playing in the game.

In order to get the girls you will have to buy tickets, the cost of these is from €10 for two to €100 for 80; the price is reasonable because once you have added girls to your collection you will be able to keep them.  There is a growing collection of European girls to choose from which is increasing all the while.

When the required number of points has been achieved the girls will do a sexy strip; or if they have won, they will put some back on again. It can be frustrating if you keep losing, but it makes it just like a real game.  It would be nice to have an option to restrict them from dressing again because a game can take quite a while.

All the way through the game the girls are trying to distract you by shuffling around and seductively touching themselves. Sexy Belote has a virtual table which makes you feel as if you are part of the group when the cards are thrown.

If Strip Belote isn’t your thing don’t forget there are four other alternatives to choose from including the ever popular Strip Poker card game.

iStripper Jia stripping

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Sexy Belote Review Overview

Graphics - 93%
Value for Money - 85%
Sound - 80%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


Win at Belote to get the girls to strip

Sexy Belote is a very unusual card game with the aim of getting the girls you are playing naked. If they lose they will strip, and these European girls are very sexy.

User Rating: 4.45 ( 1 votes)

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