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Strip n Play with Valerie Review

Strip n Play With Valerie Review

Strip n Play with Valerie is a cool new game from Ace X on Patreon.  The game is a modern day take on Strip Poker, with the 3DX girl, Valerie, stripping if you win; however, the games are not poker.

The selection of games that you get to play in order to strip Valerie are Puzzle, Memory, Sudoku and Brick.  Each round you will get to choose which game you want to play, you are not limited to playing the one game until she has stripped.

Another other good thing about Strip n Play with Valerie is that she will do far more than strip!  On that note, the graphics are pretty damn awesome too, and the animations are fairly erotic; once unlocked, the graphics (both animation and stills) will be in the gallery.

The gallery once you have completed everything contains 69 animations and a further 14 in the “Final Gallery” in addition there are nearly 300 images to satisfy you.

Playing Strip n Play With Valerie

Playing the game is simple, but it can be a little tedious if you want to get to the nudity and sex; however, there is a cheat mode which helps to alleviate some of that.

When starting the game, Valerie asks your name and then offers you the chance to play the games with her.  After completion of a game she will ask you questions, they are not particularly difficult to answer; to get the most out of the game, use the walkthrough. It’s a good idea to save the game when you get to the end of each level and before answering the questions.

When you successfully complete a level, she will remove clothing; when you complete several levels you will get to the good stuff, and there is a lot of it too.

If like me, you want to fast track through the game, then use the cheat mode, accessible from the gallery.  Once activated, you will see “Skip Level” on all games except Bricks, click on that each time to skip each game and get to the good bits.

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Final Thoughts About the Game

This is an unusual game with nicely created explicit and erotic animations and images; if you want to pass a little time then having to play the games  may appeal. I suspect however, once you have completed all levels you will spend the time utilising the gallery, not playing the games!

Strip n Play With Valerie

Strip n Play With Valerie Review Overview

Graphics - 95%
Value for Money - 90%
Sound - 85%
Repeat Play Value - 88%


Stunning Graphics and Erotic Animations

Whilst unusual in execution, this impressive 3DX game will definitely keep you visiting the gallery

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