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Virtual Sex Games

Virtual sex games are coming of age! Long gone are the days when we would play simple adult text adventure games or the more advanced (for the time) graphical adult adventure games  like Leisure Suit Larry.  Now there is a wide variety to choose from, at least for the PC.

For the foreseeable future it is unlikely that  you will see virtual sex games being approved for use on most game consoles, but that won’t hold back the progress of  adult gaming.  Already there has been a leap forward into the world of virtual reality sex games thanks to the invention of the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset.

The very first Multiplayer online 3D sex game to include support for the Oculus Rift is 3DXChat, and this is already available to play online. 3DXChat also includes support for the VStroker, making the adult gaming experience about as realistic as it can at this moment in time.  You will see a lot more Adult MMO games becoming available, already there are more that are making an appearance as a work in progress or a beta test game.  More information will be coming to our Adult MMO page.

For the moment at least, fully immersive virtual reality sex games may still be around the corner but the virtual sex games available right now are still downright dirty an very realistic.

On our virtual sex games page we include details of games that allow you to feel like you are actually taking part in the sex that you see on the screen.  There are a variety of game styles that give you this experience, but most will incorporate some type of HD video that has been filmed from the first person perspective (POV) to make you feel as if everything is being done to you.

In addition some of the sex games such as VirtualFem include advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) to allow you to fully interact with the characters via chat boxes or speech recognition in order to make the communication with the girls seem more natural.

Also on this page from time to time you will find reviews or posts about other virtual sex sites which I think may be related and may be of interest to you.

VirtualFem Leah Luv Review

VirtualFem Leah Luv review

The VirtualFem Leah Luv review is a little late, normally I like to review the new VirtualFem girl earlier; better late than never however. VirtualFem Leah Luv is definitely very sexy, a petite 30 year old who is 5 feet 6 inches tall. She has blonde hair, green eyes and  gorgeous 36A tits; and yes she does do anal sex! …

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3DXChat Animation Update

3DXChat animation update

The 3DXChat animation update adds even more animation to the what in my humble opinion is probably the most feature packed MMOVSG around. 3DXChat is a truly advanced MMOVSG that offers the perfect opportunity to meet up with other adults online for socialising or sex. It allows you to ...

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Kari 3 Pro Review

KARI 3 Pro Review

Kari 3 Pro is quite unique in it’s approach as a 3D sex game, as it is essentially an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) adult game based around the idea of a chat room. The upshot of this is that it stimulates you with conversation rather than allowing you to control virtual 3D models to have sex. If you are looking …

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VirtualFem Morgan Dayne Review

Virtualfem Morgan Dayne review

VirtualFem Morgan Dayne is a seriously cute 25 year old from Vineland in Florida, she looks just like a friendly neighbour, assuming your friendly neighbours are hot, sexy and up for anything. VirtualFem Morgan Dayne is also bisexual ...

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VirtualFem Holly Morgan Review

VirtualFem Holly Morgan review

VirtualFem Holly Morgan is the VirtualFem girl of the month for December 2014, at 32 years old she will be to some a MILF and to others a sexy younger woman, but whichever end of the age scale you’re at, you’ll be sure to agree that she is most definitely hot! If you search the internet for images of Holly ...

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3DXChat Xmas Updates

3DXChat Xmas Updates

3DXChat Xmas updates consist mainly of new clothing and customisation options, however there are some core changes too. When it comes to adult MMO games there are not many that compete with 3DXChat when it comes to frequency or quality of updates, as the 3DXChat Xmas updates go to show. the 3DXChat MMOVSG is one of the most advanced, and one ...

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Saboom Review

Saboom review

Saboom is a collection of interactive sex games that are simple, but are most definitely effective when it comes to turning you on. Forget the 3DX virtual sex games, because Saboom is not competing with them. Instead, Saboom is aimed at those adults who like real porn but would like to take control of how it plays out. Would you like a blowjob before ...

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3DXChat Free Event at Love Island

3DXChat November 2014 Updates

3DXChat free event is an invite to the 3DXChat 2nd birthday party on 6th December at 21:00 GMT. The event will take place on the newly updated Love Island. I must confess that other than the picture above (and below), I have not seen the latest update to Love Island, so I cannot comment on latest changes. If you want to find out more then ...

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VirtualFem Hailey Young Review

VirtualFem Hailey Young review

VirtualFem Hailey Young is the a skinny MILF who at 31 years old is a sexy dirty woman who’s purpose is to get you off. VirtualFem Hailey Young is your virtual girlfriend for November 2014 and if you like them petite she will be right up your alley as she has a nice slim build and yet still has nice ...

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3DXChat Video Preview

3DXChat video preview

3DXChat is in the opinion of many (including me) the best MMOVSG around. OK when it comes to adult MMO games you aren’t spoilt for choice, and some of it will come down to personal taste, but 3DXChat offers a fabulous adult virtual world with amazing graphics. Anyway, you can read the review here if you haven’t already. For those who are ...

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