Thursday , June 17 2021
3DXChat animation update

3DXChat Animation Update

The 3DXChat animation update adds even more animation to probably the most feature packed MMOVSG around. 3DXChat is an advanced virtual reality MMOVSG that offers the perfect opportunity to meet up with other adults online.  It allows you to explore sexual fantasies without fear as it can be done from the privacy and security of your own home.  If you want to find out more however, why not read more about 3DXChat.

Throughout January and February there have been a number of new moves added to the 3DXChat animation update from slow dancing to fingering.  There are animations for male and female, female and female and male and male.   It doesn’t matter how many 3DXChat screen shots I put here however, there is no substitute for actually seeing it in action; which can be done by visiting the 3DXChat website.

In addition to the 3DXChat animation update, there have been a number of changes; these include new sex positions and updates to the user interface.  The chat window has been greatly improved; there is now a font size slider and opacity slider and you can exit the chat group at the click of a button; you can also toggle the notifications on or off for the chat channels.

Messages can be copied to your clipboard and the characters context menu is available from private messaging.  There are lots of other changes too. I will let you discover them for yourself to save boring you with them here. One other cool feature that is worth mentioning however is the ability to use the print screen button to save screenshots. These are saved to the screenshots folder which is located inside the 3DXChat folder on your computer.

It is clear that I love 3DXChat there is no better MMOVSG in my opinion; also it offers great value for money.  It is cheapest to Join for 12 months for just $91.95. However, if you want to just try it out you could alternatively Join for 1 month for just $19.95. If you prefer to go somewhere in between you are able to Join for 6 months for $59.95.

See the 3DXChat animation update for yourself

3DXChat lesbians fingering

3DXChat lesbian sex

3DXChat improved chat experience

3DXChat same sex animation

3DXChat same sex animation

3DXChat beach animation

3DXChat sex pose

3DXChat slow dance from behind

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