Tuesday , November 24 2020
3DXChat Xmas Updates

3DXChat Xmas Updates

3DXChat Xmas updates consist mainly of new clothing and customisation options, however there are some core changes too.  When it comes to adult MMO games there are not many that compete with 3DXChat. When it comes to frequency or quality of updates the game is hard to beat, as the 3DXChat Xmas updates go to show.

3DXChat is one of the most advanced virtual world games around; also it is one of the most popular, and in my opinion the best MMOVSG.  It supports some of the latest technology in adult gaming including the VStroker and the Virtual Reality headset, Oculus Rift.

If you are wondering what the 3DXChat Xmas updates include, then read on.  The new core enhancements include a tweak in the game performance, an increase of 10%; also, as important, the already incredible breast physics has been improved! This means that the female characters can now adjust their breast size in the character editor … cool!  One further core tweak include an option in the settings menu to disable radio streaming thus saving on traffic.

Graphically the 3DXChat Xmas updates include a bunch of Christmas gifts including a new black Christmas hat.  The girls come out best as there is a sexy new party dress for them to wear (and for you to get them to take off) along with some bunny ears and a few other clothing changes.  If you want to get the sexy women to sit on your knee dressing like Santa Claus with the new Santa beard; they will then be sure to want to know what you can give them for Christmas .

3DXChat is (in my opinion) the best adult MMORPG, offering superb value for money. the cheapest way is to Join for 12 months for just $91.95. However you could Join for 6 months for $59.95 or if you would like to try it to see if you like it then Join for 1 month for just $19.95.

Read more about this amazing game in our 3DXChat post.

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Join in the Christmas fun at 3DXChat

3DXChat Xmas updates party dress

3DXChat Xmas updates Santa beard

3DXChat Xmas updates new gifts

3DXChat Xmas updates bunny ears

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