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VirtualFem Hailey Young review

VirtualFem Hailey Young Review

VirtualFem Hailey Young is a skinny MILF; at 31 years old she is a sexy, dirty woman who wants to get you off. VirtualFem Hailey Young is your virtual girlfriend for November 2014; if you like them petite she will be right up your alley; she has a slim build and yet still has good sized 36c tits.

She has several moves to make in order to make the whole virtual sex experience more realistic; just like the other 120 plus girls that you can download and keep as a VirtualFem member.  I like the fact that she gives different blowjobs depending on what clothes she is wearing.  Some of them are pretty hot and she also does a nice blowjob whilst she is dressed in bright pink.

I think it would be nice if there were sex scenes also for whatever outfit she was in so that there were some outdoor sex scenes for when she’s at the beach or by the pool.   You do get some different locations for sex but not as many as I would have liked.   As with all the other girls though VirtualFem Hailey Young will definitely get you hard, and the cool AI used in VirtualFem means that the experience is a whole lot more interactive than if it were a POV video.

If you like seeing girls getting it on with each other then you are going to enjoy Hailey as her and her girlfriends will tease and fuck each other as they put on a show for you.  She has different girlfriends for you to get turned on by, and they are very hot too.

VirtualFem Hailey Young is a really naughty girl who likes talking dirty and likes to be a little rougher than some, she often likes to be spanked whilst she is riding cock or having sex.

Read our VirtualFem review to find out full details about the game.

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VirtualFem Hailey Young Review Overview

Sexiness of virtual Girl - 85%
Range of sexual positions - 80%
Quality of sex talk - 80%
Number of locations - 85%


Hot and Horny Bisexual MILF

VirtualFem Hailey Young is a sexy MILF who likes getting it on with her girlfriends as much for your benefit as hers. Play with her as if she were really yours thanks to the advanced AI of VirtualFem

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