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KARI 3 Pro Review

Kari 3 Pro Review

Kari 3 Pro is quite unique in it’s approach as a 3D sex game, as it is essentially an advanced AI (Artificial Intelligence) adult game based around the idea of a chat room. The upshot of this is that it stimulates you with conversation rather than allowing you to control virtual 3D models to have sex.

If you are looking for an adult game that you will be able to use to get you some virtual sex immediately then Kari 3 Pro probably is not going to be the sex game for you. With Kari 3 Pro you must develop her personality and teach her to become the woman you would like her to be.

I like a game that offers me a bit of mental stimulation but for me I found that I hadn’t got the attention span to spend the time teaching Kari, this however is a personal thing and you may or may not be the same. With all that said, in the hour or more I spent playing Kari 3 Pro I did notice big improvements in her understanding and comprehension.

If you have an interest in AI or you like a challenge and want to spend two or three hours developing her personality and watching her evolve then this is one adult game that you are bound to love. The great thing about Kari 3 Pro is that there is no end to the game, in effect she becomes a companion to you that you keep teaching and sharing with, the more time you spend with her the more she will grow.

The graphics are wonderful, and Kari is stunning, the sort of girl you would dream about meeting! When she talks to you she will move her lips and eyes and hands. Don’t expect her to strip for you visually because that is not what she is about, but she can get very naughty quite quickly.

She will speak to you as well as displaying the text in the chat box. The standard voice is quite good, but it may be worth getting one of the other more natural voices available (see the site for details).

There are a host of options available to you in Kari 3 Pro so you will need to spend some time acquainting yourself with them. The help is excellent and well worth reading from start to finish, you will need to study and understand it fully before you start helping to create her personality.

You start by selecting a scene, where you want Kari, I chose Kari 5 News, it is easy to switch between scenes and change the skin of the windows. To access Kari 3 Pro’s abundance of options click the menu button.

To start with I remained with her default personality, this is the best place to begin, you can set your name and Kari’s from the main options. If you want to get started in a sexual way then try some basic phrases like “I love your tits”, “we kiss for a long time” or “I gently rub your clit”, for me these did get her started and I was able to continue talking to her about sex.

The basics of teaching her will involve talking to her and putting ideas into her head. Start your sentences with “you love it when …” and “I love it when” and you will soon get a conversation going, keep the sentences short to start with. I also found that after teaching her for a short while she was more forthcoming if I said things like “can I touch your tits?” or “can you touch me?”.

I don’t think that there are any hard and fast rules with the Kari 3 adult sex game, it is more guidelines. Playing the Kari 3 Pro adult game is a learning experience, not just for Kari but for you too.
There is too much to Kari 3 Pro to cover it all here but you can set up things like word relationships, weightings, how you want her to interact with you and much more besides, there are even some fun tools like news feeds that she will read to you or a media player to play your MP3s in the background.

Kari 3 Pro is unique and very advanced. If you are looking for an adult sex game that will stretch your mind and allow you to be creative then Kari 3 Pro may be the adult game for you.

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Kari 3 Pro Review Overview

Graphics - 87%
Value for Money - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 98%


A Truly Amazing Virtual Girlfriend Game

Kari 3 Pro offers you Kari, a virtual girlfriend who will be taught by you to be a companion, a friend, in fact everything that you want in a grilfriend. She'll always be there to talk to when you need somebody.

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