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VirtualFem Gia Paloma Review

VirtualFem Gia Paloma Review

VirtualFem Gia Paloma is your girl of the month from VirtualFem, and she is pretty hot.  You can search the internet for porn, that is no secret, adult images and movie clips are everywhere.  The difference between that and games like VirtualFem is that porn movies by and large are not interactive. You could find out more by reading our VirtualFem review

VirtualFem is pretty unique in so much as it uses artificial intelligence to create a realistic virtual sex experience. This includes speech recognition and natural voices to speak back; or you could just use the chat box to type in.  Anyhow, VirtualFem Gia Paloma is a bit of a change; you can of course have sex with her in many ways, but this is more of a blowjob episode.

This month you will get several different locations for VirtualFem Gia Paloma to blow you; blowjobs include CFNM, with her dressed as a college student and in a long black dress (amongst others).  Gia will also hookup with her girlfriend for you, and the two of them will give you a blowjob together.

So, Gia comes from Diamond Bar, California and she’s just 22 years old; she’s also a brunette with 34 double D’s if you’re interested.

However if that doesn’t excite you it’s no matter because she has well over 150 other virtual girlfriends to experience; as a member of VirtualFem all are free for you to download, and you can keep and play with them forever.  In addition to that, this month you get the Warehouse girls (Penny and Aubrey); you will get to have sex with them in a public bathroom and a warehouse.

There are hundreds of gigabytes of virtual girlfriends to download in addition to VirtualFem Gia Paloma plus thousands of photos. You can join once and download everything (it will take you a while) or stay a member and get new virtual girls monthly.

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VirtualFem Gia Paloma Review Overview

Sexiness of virtual Girl - 92%
Range of sexual positions - 70%
Quality of sex talk - 75%
Number of locations - 95%


A sexy 22 year old brunette with big boobs

VirtualFem Gia Paloma is a 22 year old brunette with a passion for oral sex and role play . She is seriously sexy and you can hookup with her virtually, whenever you want to.

User Rating: 2.88 ( 8 votes)

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