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VirtualFem Katja Kassin Review

VirtualFem Katja Kassin Review

VirtualFem Katja Kassin is a 37 year old MILF from Leipzig in Germany with Big 34D sized tits.  She is the VirtualFem girl for January 2017 and she is the very first one for VirtualFem 4.  There are many different aged virtual girlfriends to choose from, but if you like MILFs you may also like Alektra Blue.

VirtualFem 4 is the latest version of the popular virtual sex game; it uses artificial intelligence to give you a true virtual girlfriend experience.

In VirtualFem 4 there is a new mood system; so now you have to work a bit harder to get a favourable response from your virtual girlfriend.

VirtualFem Katja Kassin likes to please you when ever possible however, it’s not all about you.  Now thanks to the mood system she will please you but will want you to warm her up too.  You may find her getting responsive from touching you, however playing with herself also works.

She is quite experienced and knows what she can do to please you but she will want you to help her.  Your pleasure is her ultimate goal and if you ask her to do something to her she will want to let you.

If you want outfits then VirtualFem Katja Kassin will satisfy you as she has many.  Katja loves giving oral sex and she loves to play with her pussy for you; however she is also a noisy lover as she likes to turn you on by talking dirty to you.

Amongst the things Katja likes is anal sex, so whilst not all girls will enjoy it you can experience it with this MILF.  She will blow you in more than one location, however locations for sex are more limited.

The only VirtualFem girls to have the new mood system will be those from 2017 onward; all older ones will work exactly as they have before.  Some of the more popular girls will have the mood system added over the coming months; as a member, all virtual girlfriends will be yours to download and keep forever as will the VirtualFem 4 sex game.

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VirtualFem Katja Kassin Review Overview

Sexiness of virtual Girl - 90%
Range of sexual positions - 95%
Quality of sex talk - 90%
Number of locations - 83%


A horny and sexy MILF for you to enjoy

VirtualFem Katja Kassin shows that German women can be hot even when they're older. Katja is sexy and sex loving and will be joined by dozens of other virtualgirlfriends when you become a member of VirtualFem.

User Rating: 2.18 ( 3 votes)

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