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VStroker games review

VStroker Games Review

VStroker games are becoming more popular; many adult game creators are already on board, making sure that their games are VStroker enabled.  As with other technology, including the Oculus Rift, it will take a while before all virtual sex games are VStroker enabled. There is a good chance however that your favourite games are already VStroker enabled and ready for you to enjoy.

VStroker is a very simple device that replaces the end cap of  the standard Fleshlight male sex toy. It true immersion in any compatible 3DX sex game, adult MMORPG or adult game that you are playing.  By using the VStroker with your Fleshlight, your cock will control the pace of the sex you see on screen; this is true for anal and oral sex too.  Virtual sex games such as 3D Sex Villa and the 3DX Chat adult MMORPG are already VStroker enabled as are games such as the ChatHouse 3D adult MMORPG.  Some of them are VR games as they support some virtual reality headsets.

When you buy your VStroker package from the VStroker website you get seven days access to the members only area; there is an amazing amount of VStroker enabled content there for you to download, with new games added every month.   In the members area you will find VStroker games including the 3DX sex games, 3D Katie and 3D Nicole; these are from from D-Dub Software (the creators of BoneTown and BoneCraft). Along with these there is also 3D porn and regular porn videos, all controlled by your dick.

Membership packages are available for a fairly reasonable price; so you will be able to continue with your membership if you want to.  The VStroker store is worth visiting, because most the content in the members area is available to buy outright.  If you only have a few favourites it may work out cheaper to buy them from the VStroker store than to keep a membership going; perfect for when you have no internet connection too!  Also available in the store are the various VStroker and Fleshlight packages. There is also a VStroker enabled version of the extremely popular transsexual game Girlfriends4Ever.

The VStroker games come in various styles, mainly this is the original version where you control the penetration with the speed of your dick in the Fleshlight.  Then there are the new Hero 2 versions (the newer version of Hero).  The Hero 2 version basically requires that you masturbate using your Fleshlight and VStroker at the speed that you are told to; slow, fast or any speed.  The idea behind this is to allow you to get the most out of your interaction.  Will you be able to hold out until the end, or will you blow your load early … with a Fleshlight attached it could be harder than you think!!

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VStroker Games Review Overview

Enjoyment Level - 95%
Quality of Graphics - 95%
Variety of Content - 95%
Value For Money - 90%


Unmatched Virtual Sex Experience

VStroker games are designed to enhance your adult gaming experience. The VStroker content that you can download will take on a whole new meaning when you are pounding your Fleshlight.

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