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VStroker review

VStroker Review

VStroker is amazingly simple yet is one of the most advanced virtual sex systems in the world. It is an add on for the Fleshlight male sex toy. with it, you can experience virtual sex games and interactive porn as if you were really there.

VStroker has been designed to be attached to any standard Fleshlight (the Flight needs an additional adapter); the exceptions are the Blade, Sword and the Sex in a Can. It lets you control the speed of the sex in a number of VStroker enabled virtual sex games and interactive porn videos.

The sex can be either straight sex, anal sex or oral sex; using the VStroker with your Fleshlight and the Fleshlight with your dick, it will make it seem as if you are actually having sex with the 3D girls or porn stars.  Masturbate fast and your dick will move like a rocket in and out of the desired hole; slow your speed down and you will slow down the sex action; it mimics the speed of the Fleshlight on your cock.

The VStroker is truly a must for lovers of interactive virtual sex games or interactive porn; for the technology involved it is a really great price, far cheaper than a decent night out!

The VStroker consists of two  parts. The unit itself replaces the end cap of your Fleshlight and a wireless receiver plugs into a spare USB slot. When you buy the VStroker you also get a complementary 7 day pass to the  members area on on the website. This contains an amazing amount of VStroker enabled interactive porn along plus 3D animations; this includes 3D Katie and 3D Nicole.  New content is added monthly too.

If you don’t own a Fleshlight you can buy one direct or as a bundle from the VStroker website.  Once you have the full kit (get some water based lube), login to the VStroker members area; download your desired content, plug in the wireless receiver and attach the VStroker to the Fleshlight; turn it on and wait for the magic to happen.  It will also be a good idea to make sure you won’t be disturbed and that the windows are shut!

I got the Fleshlight Vortex and VStroker kit, which had a few VStroker enabled videos on CD; it also had some stamina training videos and a set of 3D glasses (the type with blue and red lenses).  This was a good value kit and a great way to experience what the VStroker has to offer; there are plenty of other choices on the website though.

If you like games like BoneTown and BoneCraft then download Nicole Animation (with VStroker Hero).  There are two, Nicole 3D, and Katie 3D both were created by D-Dub and the graphics are absolutely awesome; but check out loads of them if you have no download limit caps with your ISP.

Much of the content from the VStroker members area is available to buy outright from the Vstroker store. So use your membership to try as much as possible; then decide whether or not it is cheaper to buy all the ones you want, or to pay for a longer membership period.

There are also some other items that are available in the store, but not in the membership area. One such title is Girlfriends4Ever, it is only available to buy from the VStroker website as a VStroker enabled version.  If you have never seen it then read the Girlfriends4Ever review as there is also do a non VStroker enabled one available from the Girlfriends4Ever website.

There is a large amount of content both in the members area and in the store, including interactive porn, 3D Porn and 3DX virtual sex games all in HD quality.  Some of the content uses new VStroker Hero 2 interface, this enables you to be guided on when to move slow and when to move fast, the only question is will you be able to stop yourself from blowing too early.

The VStroker is definitely worth taking a look at if you have ever wanted to truly immerse yourself in your adult games and interactive porn.  Setting it up was a piece of cake and it worked seamlessly on all the VStroker enabled content that I tried it on.

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VStroker Review Overview

Enjoyment Level - 100%
Replay Value - 100%
VStroker Content - 100%
Value For Money - 100%


Awesome For Virtual Sex Games

VStroker is a must have accessory for lovers of interactive virtual sex. When used with your Fleshlight it turns your dick into a fucking machine where you control the speed of the action in any VStroker enabled virtual sex games or interactive porn.

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